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2 Car Detached Garage Dimensions: What to Know Before Building

2 Car Detached Garage Dimensions: What to Know Before Building

A two-car detached garage is one of the most useful buildings you can add to any type of property. The beauty of a two-car garage can be found in its flexibility, as there are many different uses possible for this type of structure once it’s completed. As the name suggests, it’s perfect for simply parking two cars, but that’s only the start of the possibilities. 

We’d like to use this article to highlight some of the key elements of a two-car garage building project that you need to know before getting started. That list of important elements includes the dimensions of your new garage, but also includes some other factors that you’ll want to consider. 

When the time comes to design and order your two-car garage, use our Build & Price tool as a starting point. You’ll be able to create a new building with custom dimensions and features, and we’ll provide a quote for the project, so you can make your plans accordingly. For assistance along the way, contact us, and we’ll be happy to help. 

Some Common Sizes

There is no single size that is considered to be the official two-car garage dimensions. This is true for both attached and detached garages. If you were to look for a house to buy with an attached two-car garage, for example, the size of that garage is going to vary from one house to the next. 

With that said, there are some sizes that are commonly used for a detached two-car garage. For starters, a 20’ x 20’ building is suitable as a two-car garage layout, although this is a bit on the smaller side for many people. Other common dimensions used for this type of building include 20’ x 22’, 24’ x 24’, and even 24’ x 30’. Of course, as the size goes up, the flexibility and usefulness of the space will increase, but even a compact two-car garage has plenty to offer and is worth the time and cost of construction. 

The Beauty of Customization

Some companies that offer two-car detached garages require you to pick from a set of existing, pre-designed options. Sure, they might have a few layouts to pick from, but you won’t necessarily be able to customize those designs to dial them in perfectly for what you want and need. Unless they have exactly what you were looking for when you first set out, you’ll have to compromise in one area or another. 

That’s not the case with American Steel Carports, Inc. We are committed to customization because it allows all our customers to be fully satisfied with their purchases. That’s our goal, after all – to make sure our customers love what they get when they place an order with us. No matter what dimensions you think will work best for your two-car garage project, you can adjust your order as necessary to get something that will serve your needs now and in the future. 

Is a Two-Car Garage Enough?

Speaking of the future, it’s worth stopping quickly to discuss whether or not a two-car garage is actually the right choice for this upcoming project. Of course, if you don’t have room for any more than a two-car garage structure, that’s what you’ll need to go with – and there’s nothing at all wrong with that choice. For parking, storage, projects, and more, a two-car garage can be extremely useful. 

While going through the design process, however, it’s worth your time to at least think about the possibility of going bigger. Do you have room on your property for a three- or four-car garage building? If so, upgrading the size of the garage you build might be in your best interest over the long run. The marginal increase in cost will be offset by the significant jump in usefulness that you’ll enjoy, and any future needs that you might have will easily be handled by this larger building. 

Let’s Get Started

There is no time like now to get going on your two-car detached garage project, and you have already found the ideal partner in American Steel Carports, Inc. With our customization options and our commitment to quality, you are sure to be happy with your experience when you shop with us. Take a moment today to get started, and you can look forward to enjoying a beautiful new two-car garage in the near future.


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