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Experience the ultimate freedom to express your unique vision with our outstanding upgrades, empowering you to create the metal structure you’ve always dreamed of. We understand that individual preferences vary, and we’re dedicated to helping you showcase your style in every single detail of your metal construction.

Our enhancements are the ultimate solution to add strength, style, and durability to your metal building project. With our advanced options, your vision will be transformed into reality, and the possibilities for your metal building will become endless.


Experience the ultimate freedom to express your unique vision with our outstanding upgrades, empowering you to create the metal structure you’ve always dreamed of. We understand that individual preferences vary, and we’re dedicated to helping you showcase your style in every single detail of your metal construction.

Our enhancements are the ultimate solution to add strength, style, and durability to your metal building project. With our advanced options, your vision will be transformed into reality, and the possibilities for your metal building will become endless.

Aesthetic upgrades

Aesthetic upgrades on a metal building refer to enhancements made to the structure with the primary intention of improving its visual appeal and style. These modifications make the building more visually pleasing. Still, they can also help it blend more seamlessly with its surroundings, add value to the property, and personalize the structure to reflect your unique tastes. The best aesthetic upgrades are those that not only look good but also improve the building’s functionality and align with your personal style and the building’s purpose.

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functional upgrades

Functional upgrades on a metal building involve enhancements designed to improve the building’s utility, efficiency, and overall performance. They go beyond aesthetic considerations, focusing instead on how the building works and serves its intended purpose. Functional upgrades should be considered based on the intended use of the building, the local climate, and the user’s specific needs and preferences. They might involve an upfront investment but can increase the building’s utility, efficiency, and lifespan, resulting in long-term savings.

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Structural upgrades

Structural upgrades on a metal building refer to modifications and enhancements made to improve the building’s structural integrity, durability, and ability to withstand various environmental conditions. These changes focus on increasing the strength and longevity of the building and often relate to its core components. Structural upgrades are particularly crucial if the building is to be used for heavy-duty purposes, located in areas with extreme weather conditions, or if the building is intended to have a long lifespan. These upgrades represent an investment in the building’s durability and safety and can prevent costly repairs or replacements in the future.

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  • Colored Roll-Up Doors

    Roll-up doors are an excellent choice for buildings that require space-saving and efficient solutions. By coiling around a drum above the door opening, these doors provide both functionality and visual appeal. With a range of colors available, customization to match the building's aesthetic or branding is easily achieved.

    • Aesthetic Appeal: building owners have the freedom to choose from various color options for their doors, which can enhance the building's exterior look and potentially raise its property value.
    • Visibility: brightly colored doors are an excellent way to enhance visibility, particularly in high traffic areas, leading to a significant increase in safety.
  • Colored Screws

    Colored screws can enhance the overall appearance of your metal building. They can complement or match the color scheme of your metal building. This attention to detail can provide a more polished and cohesive look to your finished structure.

  • Extended Gable

    The gable end of a metal carport refers to the triangular-shaped component that covers the highest point of the structure. With an extended gable, you can obtain an additional 3 feet of space underneath it.

  • Gable

    In the context of a metal carport, the gable end refers to the triangular material segment that encloses the structure's apex portion. This enhances the carport's visual appeal and contributes to its structural integrity and weather resistance. By bridging form and function, gable ends provide a compelling argument for their inclusion in the design and construction of metal carports.

  • Texas Cuts/Dutch Corners

    To achieve a sleek and refined look in your design, utilizing a 45-degree angle rather than the typical 90-degree angle can be a game-changer. However, it's important to note that executing Texas cuts/Dutch corners requires considerable precision and skill. If you're interested in incorporating this feature into your metal building project, it's essential to collaborate with a skilled builder such as American Steel Carports Inc.

  • Wainscot/Colonial Style

    It is a specific design aesthetic that involves the use of two different colors or types of panels on the exterior walls. The lower portion of the wall, usually about three feet up from the base, is covered with one type or color of panel, while the upper part of the wall is covered with another. The transition line between the two sections can be straight, but it's often delineated with a trim strip for a more finished look.

  • Asphalt Anchors

    Asphalt consists of a composite material made up of small pebbles, sand, and tiny fragments of rock. Consequently, if it experiences direct pressure, such as that exerted by expansion anchors, it's likely to break apart. For this reason, asphalt anchors are specifically crafted with helical threads or barbs along their bodies to enhance their grip and stability. It's important to note that these particular anchors are engineered for exclusive use in asphalt and are unsuitable for concrete or soil foundations.

  • Concrete Anchors

    Concrete anchors, also known as anchor bolts, are indispensable elements in the construction of metal buildings, as they ensure the structure's stability by attaching it firmly to the foundation or slab. These anchors play a crucial role in preventing the building from being affected by external forces such as wind, gravity, and seismic activity, thereby providing a secure and robust foundation.

  • Foam Enclosure

    In the realm of metal buildings, some homeowners may initially opt out of incorporating foam closure strips into their setup. However, we firmly advocate for including these components due to their notable contribution towards enhancing performance. Foam closure strips provide an exceptional solution when your objective is to achieve a resilient, weather-tight seal for your roof. They efficiently obstruct any potential ingress of pests and significantly mitigate external noise intrusion, thereby ensuring a serene and undisturbed interior environment. Embracing the integration of foam closure strips into your metal building is a strategic investment in your roof's sustained longevity and optimal performance.

  • Header Seal

    Header seal is a highly effective weather stripping or sealing mechanism that is strategically placed above doorways in the header area of metal buildings. Its primary purpose is to prevent the entry of unwanted external elements such as rain, wind, and pests while simultaneously preserving interior air. Constructed from durable rubber, the header seal is specifically designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions and provide a secure seal. Its installation takes place in the gap between the top of the door frame and the building's header.

  • Insulation

    R-Value 16, .20” (5mm) closed cell polyethylene foam with reflective reinforced foil on one side and plastic white finish film on the other side. Total 5M Plus Insulation combines the benefits of insulation with vapor, air and radiant barrier protection. Insulation acts as a protective shield, restricting the movement of moisture between the internal and external parts of the building. In the absence of such insulation, steel structures may accumulate condensation, potentially resulting in the growth of mold and mildew, as well as promoting corrosion.

  • J-Trim

    J-trim is an essential addition to any structure, providing both safety and aesthetic benefits. It attaches to the edges of panels, concealing exposed edges and reducing the risk of injury from sharp metal edges. This is especially important for families with young children, as it significantly improves carport safety. In addition, incorporating J-trim gives your structure a polished, finished appearance, combining functionality and style. We highly recommend including this feature, particularly in family-friendly environments.

  • Larger Braces

    Braces, the additional structural components, are expertly installed diagonally to provide maximum support and stability to the building. They are specifically designed to connect the building leg to the roof framing and effectively resist lateral forces such as wind or seismic activity. This superior installation process prevents any form of deformation and significantly contributes to maintaining the building's structural integrity.

  • Mobile Home Anchors

    If you want to securely attach your steel structures to the soil or dirt, mobile home anchors are the perfect solution. You don't need to pour a foundation; just make sure the installation site is level. Mobile home anchors provide reliable security for your structure, as their augers firmly catch the soil when they are driven into the earth. It's worth noting that these anchors are the only type used for certified ground installations. So, if you want to certify your garage and build it on solid ground, mobile home anchors are your only choice.

  • Overhead Doors

    We provide a wide range of overhead garage doors that enhance the appearance and functionality of any metal building. Our collection of doors is vast, ensuring that we have the perfect fit to match your personal or business requirements. Whether you need a durable door for heavy-duty usage or a basic one for your residential garage, we've got you covered. What's more, we offer the choice between insulated and non-insulated doors, based on your building needs and the climate in your area, ensuring that you receive the best possible solution.

    **Only available for the states of Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Utah** * We do not install motors to open overhead doors*.

  • Ridge Cap

    An essential component of a metal building, specifically designed to cover the ridge or peak where two sloping roof panels meet. This intersection is the highest point on a Vertical roof and is particularly vulnerable to weather elements such as rain, snow, and wind.

    • Weatherproofing: The primary role of the ridge cap is to seal off the top of the roof, preventing water and snow from infiltrating the building. Its design effectively channels these elements down the roof's slope, protecting the interior from potential water damage.
    • Structural Integrity: By protecting the vulnerable peak of the roof, the ridge cap also contributes to the overall structural integrity of the building, extending the roof's lifespan and reducing potential repair costs.
  • Skylights

    SunSky’s corrugated polycarbonate skylight panels on our vertical roofs and vertical sides to bring in natural sunlight. Their panels are stronger on impact than traditional fiberglass panels.

    • 3’ x 4’
    • 3’ x 8’

    Not recommended for snow loads.

    **Only available for the states of Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin**

  • Standard Roof

    Our standard roofs provide exceptional protection for your valuable possessions. The durable corrugated ridges cover the entire structure, shielding your belongings from the sun, light rain, and snow. Whether you need basic vehicle storage or protection, our standard roof can keep your assets secure. At American Steel Carports, we are committed to delivering strong metal buildings that not only meet but surpass your expectations.

  • Walk-In Doors

    Our broad collection of walk-in doors provides ample options to enhance your custom metal barn, metal garage, or metal building. These doors can be seamlessly integrated to enclose your metal structure, enabling easy access to your stored items and vehicles. Depending on your preference, you can choose between doors with or without windows. If you prefer a design without windows, specify your choice while placing the order. Rest assured, all our walk-in doors come in a sleek white finish, ensuring your metal building looks sleek and professional.

    • 36” x 80” walk-in door
    • diamond window
    • cottage walk-in door
  • Windows

    American Steel Carports is your go-to source for adding natural light to your custom metal building. With up to four window size options available, our windows can flawlessly integrate into your metal barn, metal workshop, or metal storage shed. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives will expertly guide you through the options to ensure a perfect fit for your needs. Trust us to deliver the ideal window solution that will enhance and illuminate your space with sophistication.

    • 30” x 30” Single pane
    • 35” x 36” Single Pane
    • 36” x 36” Double Pane
    • 30” x 53” Double Pane
  • Wood-Core Steel Doors

    Our newest addition, the Wood Core Steel Doors offer a relied-upon strength, and durability, with high-definition panels for a high-end look and ease of maintenance that complements any building's look. While made with a Wood Interior, it's wrapped with Primed Galvanized steel, which provides resistance against rust, and corrosion, and prevents water absorption.

    ***Only available in Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Texas.**

  • 12 Gauge Tubing

    When Choosing the gauge on your metal building, the lower the number, the stronger the framing. We offer a 12 gauge steel upgrade that

    • Is 35% stronger than our standard 14 gauge steel
    • Comes with a 20-year rust warranty (that is not available on the 14 gauge frame)
    • It’s 2-1/4” thick
  • 26 Gauge Paneling

    26 Gauge will simply outperform 29 Gauge in a longevity aspect. The thicker panel will offer better protection against extreme snow and heavy hail fall, resulting in a decrease in repairs over the life of your metal garage.

    • Comes with a 20-year paint warranty
    • 3’ Coverage after overlap
    • 3/4” Rib Raise - 9” Center to Center
    • 14 Different Colors Available
  • 26 Gauge PBR Paneling

    Our strongest panel style and gauge offered by American Steel Carports. Due to the 1 1/4” raise on the Panel is stronger than the 26 Gauge Ag Panel’s 3/4” Raise

    • Comes with a 20-year paint warranty
    • 3’ Coverage after overlap
    • 1 1/4” Rib Raise - 1’ Center to Center
    • 17 Different Colors Available
  • A-Frame Horizontal Roof

    The horizontal layout of the roof means that less structure is needed beneath it, lowering the overall cost. Horizontal roof models are often the way to go for those who are seeking A BUDGET-FRIENDLY OPTION. Reinforced - THE “A” STYLE ROOF PROVIDES ENFORCED STABILITY. AN A-FRAME HORIZONTAL ROOF HAS 6” EAVES ON ALL FOUR SIDES, HELPING WATER RUN AWAY FROM THE BUILDING INSTEAD OF DIRECTLY NEXT TO THE LEGS.

    • Offers an attractive, residential look at a low cost
    • Roofing panels are usually positioned horizontally, running parallel to the ground and perpendicular to the roof slope
  • Custom Pitches

    The roof pitch on a building refers to the slope or incline of the roof. It's typically described as a ratio or a fraction, representing the vertical height (rise) for every particular measurement of horizontal distance (run). For instance, a pitch of 3:12 means that for every 12 inches (or one foot) of horizontal distance, the roof rises by 3 inches.

    • 4:12
    • 5:12
    • 6:12

    Partnering with a skilled builder like American Steel Carports is essential when determining the ideal roof pitch for a metal building. Factors such as the building's intended use, local weather patterns, and personal style preferences can all play a role in the decision-making process. With our expertise, we can identify the most suitable roof pitch for your unique requirements while ensuring that all local building codes and regulations are followed.

  • Titen HD Screws

    A high-strength screw anchor for use in cracked and uncracked concrete, as well as uncracked masonry. The Titen HD offers low installation torque and outstanding performance. The stainless-steel Titen HD is optimal for applications in corrosive or extreme environments such as salt water or when chemical or corrosive solutions are present.

  • Truss

    Bows/trusses are essential components that boost the durability and stability of your customized metal building. If you live in an area with severe weather conditions or heavy snow, it is highly recommended to install them to reinforce the sides and roof of your structure. This will ensure that your metal building is fortified to withstand any adverse weather conditions.

  • Welded on Brackets

    Typically, these brackets are fused onto the metal frames at junctures or corners where multiple metal segments converge. This welding process establishes a firm connection between the bracket and the frames, thereby significantly bolstering the structural stability of the metal building. Thanks to the wide surface area offered by the "L" shape of the bracket, the supportive capacity of this connection is further amplified. Furthermore, these brackets adeptly anchor the structure, preventing any potential damage to the edge of the foundational slab.


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