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At American Steel Carports Inc., we guarantee a hassle-free experience when purchasing your metal structures. With just a 10% down payment, you can secure your structure without the need for a significant upfront payment. The balance remaining is due only after your installation is completed. We accept all payment methods to ensure our customers have a stress-free financial transaction. Experience the best with American Steel Carports Inc.


At American Steel Carports Inc., we are confident in accommodating our customers' unique preferences and requirements. We offer the option to fully customize metal structures to your exact specifications at an affordable and accessible rate. Unlike other companies, we provide custom measurements without any additional customs fees, allowing you to design a structure that meets your specific needs without worrying about extra expenses. With American Steel Carports Inc., you have the freedom to create a structure that aligns with your vision and budget.

  • What are the different sizes available for a metal garage?

    Metal garages come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different storage needs. Standard carports typically range from 12' to 24' in width, providing ample space for vehicle protection. For those requiring more extensive storage, triple-wide garages offer widths between 26' and 30', allowing for multiple cars or additional storage space. Wide-span metal garages are designed for larger applications, starting at 32' wide and extending beyond 50' or more lengths. These versatile metal garages offer flexibility and durability to meet a wide range of storage requirements.

  • What is the largest size available for a metal building?

    At American Steel Carports Inc., we are confident in our ability to meet your needs with our wide selection of metal buildings available in various sizes. With buildings reaching up to 100 feet in width, we offer ample space for a variety of applications. The length of our buildings have no set limit, and we are proud to offer incredible flexibility to customize based on your specific requirements. Additionally, our buildings can reach a height of up to 25 feet, providing you with the perfect solution for your needs, whether it's a spacious warehouse, an expansive workshop, or a large agricultural building.

  • What size carport do I need?

    For a standard 1-car carport, 12’x20’ is a good size; you may need to go to 25’ long if you have a decent size truck. For a 2-car carport, a 24x20’ would work, giving you extra space for opening your door. A 20x20 would fit two cars; however, it would be a tight fit. Increasing the width allows for more door space.

  • Does a metal building's size affect its price?

    The size of a metal building is a key factor in determining its cost. Generally, larger structures require more materials and labor during construction, resulting in higher prices. However, it's important to note that customization options can also impact the final cost. Nevertheless, we are proud to offer a wide range of sizes and options that cater to various budgets and requirements while maintaining our commitment to delivering top-quality, affordable metal buildings at American Steel Carports Inc.

  • Can I expand my metal garage in the future?

    While you can expand a metal garage once installed, it will be more expensive to modify a unit rather than go bigger the first time around. When purchasing your metal garage, consider future expansion or plan with your salesman to expand quickly and cost-effectively.


Our metal buildings are unbeatable structures that have been rigorously engineered and approved by certified professionals. These buildings are built to last and surpass local building codes and regulations, ensuring maximum safety and durability. When you invest in one of our engineer-certified metal buildings, you can be fully confident that it has been expertly designed to withstand specific environmental conditions, such as wind loads, snow loads, seismic activity, and more, depending on your location. This exhaustive design process guarantees that your building is structurally sound and can withstand any harsh elements that come its way.

  • what are generic engineered plans?

    At American Steel Carports Inc., we offer pre-designed structural plans that have been carefully crafted and approved by certified engineers. These plans meet standard building codes and regulations, ensuring the safety and durability of the structure. Although they are not customized for a specific project, they are meticulously designed to guarantee structural integrity. Our generic engineered plans cater to different building sizes and types, offering a cost-effective and time-efficient solution for customers needing an engineer-approved high-quality metal building. You can trust us to provide reliable and effective solutions for all your metal building needs.

  • what are specific engineered plans?

    Specific engineered plans are custom structural plans that have been designed and approved by a certified engineer for a specific project. These plans take into account the project's unique requirements, including the building's size, design, intended use, and the specific environmental conditions of the location. These plans ensure the building is structurally sound, safe, and compliant with all relevant building codes and regulations. At American Steel Carports Inc., we offer specific engineered plans to ensure that every metal building we provide is perfectly tailored to meet our customers' unique needs and expectations.

  • what are calculations & when are they needed?

    Calculations refer to the detailed computations done by engineers to ensure the structural integrity and safety of the building. These calculations take into account various factors such as the building's size, design, load-bearing capacity, and the environmental conditions it needs to withstand (like wind speed, snow load, and seismic activity).

    Calculations are an accessory needed with specific plans whenever a new building is being designed or when significant modifications are being made to an existing structure. They are crucial in ensuring that the building can safely bear the loads it will be subjected to and complies with all relevant building codes and regulations.

  • do i need a permit for my metal garage?

    Typically any unit over 120 sq. ft requires a permit. However, we highly recommend confirming permit requirements with your local building department. Ensuring you comply with any zoning/building regulations, the county will enforce. American Steel provides Plans and Calculations if needed to make pulling a permit swift and easy.

  • what is needed for a permit?

    The requirements for obtaining a permit may vary depending on the local regulations in your area. Nonetheless, there are several common items that may be necessary to obtain one.

    1. Site Plan: a detailed drawing that illustrates the layout of your property and the precise location of the metal building.

    2. Building Specifications: These are the details of the building itself, including its size, design, and materials used.

    3. Engineered Plans: These are detailed plans of the building that have been approved by a certified engineer. They ensure the building is structurally sound and compliant with building codes.

    4. Proof of Ownership: In some cases, you may need to provide proof that you own the property where the building will be installed.

    5. Application Fee: Most permitting authorities require an application fee to process your permit.

    At American Steel Carports Inc., we confidently assist our customers in navigating the permitting process. We provide engineering plans and building specifications to bolster your permit application. However, it is essential to verify the specific requirements in your area by reaching out to your local permitting office.


We provide detailed estimates for metal building projects tailored to your specific requirements. Our team considers every detail, from design to extra features like doors and windows. Our pricing includes delivery and installation with no hidden fees or surprise charges. Trust us for honest and transparent service.


Rest assured that our warranties are backed by professional engineers who have certified their quality and durability. This demonstrates our unwavering commitment to providing only the best for our customers.


At American Steel Carports Inc., we confidently provide the highest quality metal buildings and expert installation services. We ensure that your building meets your exact specifications and is installed with the utmost care to ensure its longevity. Our pride in our work is evident in the exceptional results we consistently deliver.


At American Steel Carports Inc., we recognize that our customers may have various inquiries and worries about metal structures. We aim to offer thorough information to answer all of your questions. Whether you need help with customization, financing, or installation, our team is here to support you throughout the entire process.

  • What are the benefits of a metal garage?

    Metal Garages are durable, low-maintenance, and cost-effective for all your vehicle storage needs. Plus, they're customizable and quick to install, providing maximum flexibility and versatility. Metal Garages offer protection from extreme weather, preserving the value of your vehicles and increasing your property value.

  • How much does a metal garage cost?

    The cost of a metal garage can vary depending on the orientation of your building. Generally, you'd like to stay under 30' wide for the most cost-effective option. This is because anything over 30' wide is engineered differently, increasing the cost per sq ft. Price also varies depending on the area it will be installed. Contact an American Steel Direct Sales Rep for the best recommendations to stay under budget.

  • How to Choose the right metal garage kit?

    The first step in choosing what size Metal Garage kit you need is considering what you will store inside the Garage. This step should help you assess what SQ FT you are looking for; from there, consider how tall a garage you need. Make sure you factor in having big enough Roll Up Doors to move in and out of your Garage comfortably. Consider adding Walk-in Doors for easy access and Windows to allow natural sunlight into your building. Last but most important is the color of your Metal Garage; consider matching the environment where the building will be installed, and make sure your Metal Garage has colored screws quoted into your kit.

  • Which is cheaper, a wood or metal garage?

    Metal garages are generally cheaper than wooden garages. Metal garages typically require less material and have a faster install time resulting in decreased labor costs. Additionally, metal garages require less maintenance over time, reducing long-term costs.

  • What are the insulation options for my metal garage?

    There are three types of insulation that we recommend for your metal building. Spray Foam Insulation is the king of insulation and is recommended when installing an HVAC System into your Metal Garage. Fiberglass insulation is a good option that is a little cheaper but doesn't provide as excellent an insulation factor as Spray Foam. Foil Wrap is a great cost-effective option to help insulate your metal building. Still, if you want to install an HVAC System, we recommend going with the prior options. American Steel Carports only provides Foil Wrap as an option.

  • Can a metal garage increase the value of my property?

    Metal Garages can increase the value of your property. Still, only to a certain point usually, it will be around a 10-20% increase of what the Metal Garage costs.

  • Can a metal garage be turned into a living space?

    While our metal garages can be converted into livable spaces, informing the salesman about your intention is essential. They can provide guidance, recommendations and assistance throughout the process. It's crucial to consult with the permitting office to ensure compliance with local codes and regulations. This will help ensure the necessary permits are obtained, and the conversion is done under all applicable laws.

  • How does a metal garage handle heavy snow loads?

    Metal Garages are built and engineered to withstand extreme weather. Usually, this is done by decreasing the spacing between trusses to allow for a more significant snow load rating. In Texas, trusses can start at 5' Center to Center, while in Michigan, Trusses begin at 40" Center to Center.

  • What kind of foundation is required for a metal garage?

    A Concrete foundation is the most recommended option for your metal garage; however, we can also install it on Dirt, Gravel, Road Base and Asphalt.

  • How do I protect my metal garage from rust?

    To combat rust, a concrete installation is going to work best. This keeps the steel from touching the dirt, which can increase rusting on your frame if installed on the ground. Also, opt for our 12 Gauge Framing, which has a 20 Year Rust Warranty.

  • Can I install heating and cooling systems in a metal garage?

    If you want to install a Heating and Cooling system, make sure your metal garage has the proper insulation to help you maintain the temperature you want inside your metal garage. Spray Foam and Fiberglass Insulation work well for this application.

  • What are the benefits of a fully enclosed carport?

    Enclosing your carport down the side can add extra protection from hail falling at an angle, heavy sun rays that may damage your car's paint, or any snow that may try to sneak in from the side.

  • Which style of roof do I want for my carport?

    A-Frame Vertical is the most durable roof option available.

  • How many square feet is a 40x60 building?

    Our 40x60 buildings at American Steel Carports Inc. provide a vast 2,400 square feet of space, making them an excellent choice for both personal and commercial use, like storage or workshops. We offer customization options for all our structures, ensuring that they meet your specific needs. Opt for American Steel Carports Inc. for top-quality, long-lasting, and adaptable metal buildings that cater to a wide range of demands.

  • Is it cheaper to build a barn with wood or metal?

    Usually,Metal is the more cost-effective option. Although initial costs may be similar, metal barns typically have lower maintenance costs throughout their lifespan. They are also resistant to pests, fire, and rot, which are common issues with wooden structures. Furthermore, metal barns are durable and long-lasting, making them a great investment. American Steel Carports Inc. offers a variety of affordable, high-quality metal barns to suit your needs and budget.

  • Does a metal shed need a foundation?

    For optimal stability and longevity, it is highly recommended to have a solid foundation for your metal shed from American Steel Carports Inc. While our sheds can be installed on any flat surface, a concrete or gravel base provides a level surface that ensures the shed's structural integrity and protects it from moisture damage and ground movement. Trust in our expertise at American Steel Carports Inc. to guide you towards the best installation and maintenance practices for your metal shed, so you can fully enjoy its benefits.

order process

Our team at American Steel Carports Inc. aims to simplify the process of ordering metal buildings. We want to provide you with a hassle-free experience and ensure that you receive a high-quality metal building. We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service from the moment you request a quote until the final installation. You can trust us to assist you every step of the way.

  • what is the order process for a metal steel building?

    Your journey with American Steel Inc. begins with visualizing a metal building on your property. Our company offers in-house sales representatives to assist you with understanding what you need; you and your sales representative will conclude with placing an order. Your order will be processed and turned over to our scheduling department, where our specialists will work with you to get a date and time for the installation of your building. From there, our division will receive your order, and our sub-contractors will arrive at your prepped site to install your dream metal building.

  • is there a difference between ordering directly vs a dealer?

    Ordering from a dealer or directly from American Steel Carports does not impact your purchase's quality.

  • how long does it take to process an order for a building?

    The sales process usually lasts one week to ensure your order meets your requirements. The primary delay often occurs when waiting for your installation date, which can be uncertain within the estimated weekly timeframe, typically 2-4 weeks. In simpler terms, your installation date can fall within 2-4 weeks after notifying American Steel Carports that the site is fully prepared. However, our scheduling team will give you a 1-2 week advance notice to inform you of the expected installation date.

  • can i change or cancel my order for a metal steel building?

    You can request changes to your metal building order if it does not involve custom items or your installation date is approaching. Please note that making changes may result in a price adjustment and a possible extension of your project's timeline.

  • what is a welcome call?

    A welcome call from American Steel Carports Inc. is a courtesy call to inform our customers that their order has been successfully entered into our system. During this call, we will confirm with the customer whether their site is prepped and inform them that their order is now being processed.