Below are the financing options we offer for your future purchase with us.


Credit Score

Only 10% Down Payment Required

APR is 12.99% & Up

24 – 72 Month Terms

No Early Payoff Penalty

Financing Range ($1,200 – $20,000)

Customer must be installed within 90 days of approval.

Lender Terms


Credit Score

No Pre-Payment Penalties

Financing Range ($1,000-$100,000)

Fast Approval

Easiest application process.

Lender Terms

No Credit Check


No Credit Required

APR Rates of 14.4%, 19.8%, 21.6% & 24%

24, 36, 48 or 60 Month Terms

No Early Payoff Penalty

Financing Range ($1,200 – $20,000)

Customer must be owner of property of installation.

Lender Terms


Before You Apply

  • Prior to applying be sure you know what it is that you are wanting to purchase. The cost of your order will determine what company you can apply through.
  • Our financing companies require a 580-credit score or higher. Credit score and debt-to-income ratio will be a factor upon acceptance.

To avoid delays please be sure to provide the most accurate information. All our financing customers must own the property / land where their purchase will be installed.

Lender Terms

Click on the lender name below to view the specific credit terms for each.

Rent To Own

American Steel Carports, Inc. now offers Rent to Own to its customers. Giving clients another option to own one of our magnificent buildings. We understand that not every single person has money to spend on an addition to their property, that’s why we love to offer options that can help make purchases more manageable.

Our Rent to Own program allows customers to request Rent to Own for purchases of buildings costing between $1,200 – $20,000 before tax. Customers must agree to either 24, 36, 48 or 72 month terms.

Rent To Own Requirements

Customers can request Rent to Own for purchases that meet the following requirements.

  • Purchases must be between $1,200 – $20,000 before tax.
  • Purchases of over $10,000 before tax must show valid proof of property ownership.
  • Customer must have Security Deposit, as well as the Origination Fee & 1st Month’s rent at the time of the request.
  • Customer won’t make another payment until a month after the structure has been installed.
  • Customer must have a valid Driver’s license.
  • Customer must purchase (4) four anchors for their order.
  • Customer must have two references.

Please make sure to speak with our customer service team if you have any questions regarding specifics about Rent to Own.

Financing Questions?

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