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4 Major Steel Carport Maintenance Tips

4 Major Steel Carport Maintenance Tips

Steel buildings are extremely durable making them well worth the money.


Whether you are using one as a place to store farming equipment or as a place to store your cars, a steel building can hold up to just about anything. Especially when it is made with high-quality steel like at American Steel Carports.


Although our steel building is practically low-maintenance and can last for a long time, there are some things you can do to keep your steel carport, barn or shed looking like new.


Check Periodically

Your steel building probably gets a lot of use. Since the structure is outdoors, a lot of times
things may happen to it and can easily go unnoticed if not inspected. As a good rule of thumb, it is a good idea to check it periodically for damage, rust, and dents. You should make it a habit to check your steel storage unit at least twice a year. However, if you live in an area that sees a lot of bad weather from hail, tornadoes, or even snow storms, it is best that you check your unit more frequently.



Do Minor Repairs

After you have done your bi-yearly inspection of your steel unit, if you by chance find any damages, be sure to handle those as soon as possible. You would be surprised how much additional damage can take place from one small hole in your structure’s roof. Something so minor can allow rodents to get in or can allow the elements to penetrate your unit. By promptly taking care of any damage, big or small, you can stop further damage before it has time to develop.


Clean FrequentlyA-Frame-Vertical-Garage

Just like you home, your steel carport, barn, workshop, garage, or custom building needs a little maintenance which includes spot cleaning and deep cleaning. Spot cleaning your unit when you have a spill is important, but you must not forget deep cleaning as well. Deep cleaning your unit with cleaning products allow you to get rid of any mold or fungus that         could easily set up shop in your structure. Since steel is extremely durable, using soap, water, bleach, and maybe even a power washer can be very beneficial in keeping your steel unit like new.


Watch Out for Water

One thing you need to remember about steel is that no matter how heavy duty it is, is still not good for your unit. Water is like steel’s kryptonite, so you need to try your best to watch out for it. Large areas of water near or beside your steel unit can cause it to rust which will lead to structural damage. To prevent this from happening, try adding gutters or downspouts to deter water away from your building.

If you want to make your steel building last for years and years to come, keep these simple yet key maintenance tips in mind.


Are you interested in getting your own steel building? Check out our products page here or contact American Steel today to get started.


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