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Need Some Shade for Your Livestock?

If you own a farm with livestock, you know the importance of providing a shaded area to protect them from intense heat. Some farms might have soil rich enough in nutrients to increase the chances of trees growing there. But like us, trees can take 30 years to be fully grown, and not only that, a tree must be able to be establish itself with the area; and keep in mind the harsh conditions the tree might be exposed to.


A more beneficial option might be to install a multipurpose metal building that can protect your livestock as well as your belongings, such as farm equipment, from unpredictable weather. American Steel Carports specializes in the production of custom metal buildings to fit our customers’ needs and priorities.


When it comes to the length of our buildings, there’s no limit. Take a look at this 18′W × 61′L × 7′H building:


A-Frame Vertical Roof

3′ Horizontal Sides

Mobile Home Anchors



Side note: We highly recommend our customers opt for a vertical roof once the length of the building passes 30 feet. This will prevent future leaks, due to the sheet panels running from the peak of the building toward the eaves.


If you have questions about any of our metal buildings, feel free to contact us! Let one of our experts help you customize that metal building of your dreams. Remember, all our buildings are engineer certified! Don’t forget to ask about our financing options.