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Steel or Wood for Livestock?

Steel or Wood for Livestock?

Most farmers have become used to having wooden livestock houses on their lands. They’re one of the most familiar sights on a farm. This might be because wood is the traditional building material. It’s also perceived as cheaper than other options. However, do wooden livestock houses really cost less than their steel counterparts?

The use of steel buildings for livestock houses has gained popularity. It’s becoming more common to see them used for storage—and there’s no reason they can’t be used for livestock as well. If you’re not convinced, here are a few myths about wooden farm buildings to help you understand why steel is the better choice.


Steel costs less overall.

Some claim that a wooden livestock house will cost less. According to them, by using wood instead of steel, they are saving money. What they’re forgetting is that the cost of having a building does not only include what you pay upfront. There’s also the ongoing maintenance to consider, which depends on the material used.

For example, with a wooden building, you will have to constantly manage the insects and pests that may be eating into the wood. You may need to replace falling walls and ceilings every so often. However, if you choose to go with steel, this isn’t going to be necessary. A steel livestock building is made of sturdy material that cannot be infested by insects and will not rot. It may seem like you’re spending more on the structure, but since it’s practically maintenance-free, you’re actually saving money.


You’ll have all the space you need.

Every farm owner must maximize the space available. When you use wood to build, floor space can be an issue. Poles and columns need to be placed inside the structure to support its weight. This can take up valuable space that could’ve been put to better use.

This is not an issue with a steel building. A steel livestock house doesn’t need to have any columns taking up space inside the structure. You’ll have full use of the maximum available area, with no need to plan around columns. And if you ever need even more space in the future, the building can easily be expanded.


A steel livestock house can add value to the farmland.

You may not be interested in selling your land, but it’s always a good idea to make it as valuable as possible. The types of structures you have on the land will greatly influence its value. If you have an old wooden livestock house, it can be viewed as becoming a burden. No one wants to take on a building they must constantly repair. If you were to appraise the property, a battered, rotting building would hurt the assessment.

On the other hand, American Steel livestock houses will be viewed as a plus. There’s no need to worry about safety, since steel does not decay over time. The structure will remain standing for decades without any issues, ready for whatever use you may have. It adds not just appraisal value, but practical and useful value as well.

If it’s time to upgrade your livestock house, the choice is clear. A steel building will meet all of your needs without the disadvantages of wood. Check out the different models that American Steel Carports has to offer to find the perfect one for you.


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