The temperature is dropping, and Halloween and Thanksgiving are right around the corner. Shades of brown and orange are all over and as trendy as always for this time of year! The fall season is making itself felt. Well, at least it is in Texas. Of course, not everything is about being super fashionable and staying on top on what’s trending. The downside of fall is the leaves everywhere.

Watching leaves change color as the weather transitions can be a pleasant experience for some people, especially those who enjoy outdoor photography. That contrasting orange background makes for some amazing pics. However, did you know that leaves can damage vehicles? As crazy as it sounds, leaves left to sit on vehicles for long periods can destroy the paint! Most experts and care-car gurus recommend keeping your vehicles safely parked beneath some kind of structure that will protect against leaves and other tree debris. Have you thought about building a metal carport? Why don’t we show you how a new carport can protect your vehicles during fall? Take a look at this 18’W x 31’L x 10’H example:

This metal carport will definitely help you keep your vehicles protected throughout both fall and winter. Our vertical roof allows natural elements such as leaves, water, debris, and snow to slide off easily. Unlike other types of roof styles, our design eliminates the need for constant maintenance. In addition, this building is rocking the fall colors! If you’re all about fashion, then make a statement by adding a three-color carport to your property (rawhide sides, earth brown roof, and evergreen trim).

Let’s get you what you’re looking for! Give us a call now, and ask to speak with one of our sales representatives. We will help you build the structure of your dreams just in time for fall and winter. Don’t forget to ask about our available financing options.