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Steel Buildings: What Makes Our Buildings Unique?

Steel Buildings: What Makes Our Buildings Unique?

One of our main focus areas is the shape and condition that a building’s structure retains throughout the years. Take an old wooden barn, for example: The first thing that will jump out at you is its level of durability. We can assure you that it probably won’t look as sturdy as it did when it was first built, no matter how good it looked then. You might be thinking, “I bet they used cheap material and it will collapse at any moment.” This sad situation happens quite often with a range of building materials used today. However, there’s always a solution for everything. In this case, it’s a steel building.

Many materials can offer you a high-quality building, but how can you be so sure about their workmanship and durability? We’re going to break it down for you based on nothing but facts about steel buildings.

Steel buildings offer one of the most durable and versatile solutions tailored to your specific needs. We’ve engineered our steel buildings to withstand harsh conditions and protect your belongings from the outdoors. They come in a residential style, and they can increase the value of your property just from the added protection they provide!

Durability and Versatility

All of our metal buildings come with a one-year workmanship warranty, and when you decide to upgrade to our 12-gauge galvanized tubing, we will throw in our 20-year limited warranty on rust-through of the framing. Plus, the shape of all our buildings can be modified to create a unique design. Whether you’re looking for a simple carport, a metal barn, a garage, or even your own workshop, we will make sure to satisfy all of your needs. Ranging from 10’ to 80’ wide, up to 20’ in height, and with no limit on length, there’s a wide variety of sizes to fit any needs.


Our steel buildings are built with the strongest metals and are engineer-designed to withstand any type of inclement weather that nature might throw at them. Live in a windy city? Fear not—we offer a 90-mph wind warranty package for those windy areas, and we can certify your metal buildings for higher winds if you want.

What about constant snow?

Most of our buildings are certified for 30 lbs. psf ground, but don’t think we can’t build them to handle heavier snow loads. Our engineers can certify your unit for higher snow loads as well!


Your metal building will depend highly on your roof style. We offer 3 different roof styles (click here to learn more). You can give your steel building a unique touch, too, with 13 different colors to choose from at no additional price.

Whatever your building needs, a steel building can fulfill them. When you opt for a metal building, you’ll know you have found a budget-friendly solution to all your building needs—one that will last a lifetime without issues. For more information about construction and materials, contact us.


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