Who says carports can’t be customized? One of the main advantages of steel structures is the ability to change the size and style to satisfy your needs – and with 20 years in this field, American Steel Carports knows exactly how to deliver a great experience when it comes to our custom metal structures.

Steel carports offer the ultimate protection for your vehicle(s) or any equipment you might have sitting outside. Whether you’re looking to keep your vehicle out of direct UV light, ice, snow, rain, or dust, our metal buildings will stand strong against any natural elements! Since we’re talking about custom metal carports, take a look at this 30’W x 31’L x 10’H custom carport that we recently installed:

  • A-Frame Vertical Roof
  • 8 – 12′ x 9′ Openings
  • 8 – Texas Cuts

Beautiful isn’t it? The first thing you might notice about this carport is the special cuts made in all the openings. They’re called 45-degree cuts, better known as “Texas Cuts.” They do come with an additional price, but they definitely make a difference. Even if you have a garage door in your metal building, you can still add these openings to give it your own personal touch.

Feel inspired by this carport? Give us a call now at 866-730-9865 to talk to one of our experts! Remember that all of our metal buildings are custom built per order. If you like the building above, we can go from there. However, if you want to make a few additions or change the dimensions of this building, then our experts will make sure to fit in all of your needs until we can give you what you’re looking for.

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