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Disproving Myths About Metal Buildings


  • Are steel buildings flimsy or weak? Are they inferior to other types of buildings?


  1. If your knowledge of metal buildings is based solely on old barns made of corrugated tin and rusty scrap metal, then I understand these concerns. However, all of our buildings are engineer certified and constructed with high-quality galvanized steel that is precision cut and can come with an up to 20-year warranty.


  • Metals buildings look like they’re noisy. Are they?


  1. Not at all! In fact, installation dramatically cuts noise. With drywall-style walls, you could have the same silence that one would expect from a traditional home but with lower energy costs.


  • Does my metal building have a greater chance of being struck by lightning?


  1. I’ll explain, and you’ll hopefully feel better about owning a steel structure. Metal is a conductor, but it is a positive conductor to the earth. Any energy from a rare lightning strike would be dispersed over the entire roof and then channeled into the ground, thereby avoiding the costly issues that you would encounter from a wooden structure in the same situation.


  • Do all metal buildings rust?


  1. In order to prevent rust, our metal is coated with Galvalume before leaving the factory. Rust becomes an issue only when the material is damaged or scratched or when field-cut edges are not sealed before being placed. However, regularly recoating damaged areas decreases the possibility of developing rust.


  • Will my internet, cell-phone service, or TV service be disrupted by a metal building?


  1. Absolutely not! Electromagnetic waves pass around timber and spread out as a result of passing through narrow apertures or across steel edges. Therefore, you’d have no more trouble operating than you would in any other building. For Wi-Fi, we have never heard of complications or lack of service due to a metal building.