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Add a Lean-To to Your Property

Add a Lean-To to Your Property

While it may not be as popular or as well-known as a traditional carport, a lean-to has a lot to offer in the right circumstances. If you have a property where a standard carport just won’t serve your needs, or if you simply think that a lean-to is the right structure for the job at hand, American Steel Carports, Inc. will be happy to help. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at what a lean-to is and how it can be used to your advantage.

What is a Lean-To?

A lean-to is a simple structure that can offer a variety of benefits. Unlike a traditional carport, which has a roof that slopes off to both sides from the peak, a lean-to features a roof that slopes in a single direction. The high side of the roof is typically placed up next to an existing structure, so any rain or snow that falls on the lean-to will be ushered away.

The name lean-to refers to the fact that these types of structures can be added to existing buildings. When completed, they often look like they are “leaning” on the larger building. However, with a steel lean-to from American Steel Carports, Inc., this new shelter will stand on its own, supported by the ground, and placed strategically to serve your needs.

Fitting the Space

Perhaps the most compelling reason to choose a lean-to is that it can help you make the best possible use of a compact space. If you have a small property, or only need coverage for a small area, it might not make sense to purchase a traditional carport. This is particularly true if you are going to build the structure near an existing building, like your home or a garage.

How Will You Use It?

Often, a lean-to’s use will be similar to a carport in that it will be a dedicated parking spot where a vehicle can be protected from the elements. For example, if you place a lean-to near a side entrance to your home, you could pull right up and park under this roof before walking into the house. Once you experience the benefits of parking under a roof each night when you return home, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to add this feature to your property.

Even if you don’t have enough space to create a parking spot under a lean-to, you can still make use of this option. Simply covering an entrance to a building like your house or garage will add convenience and comfort. Add a small lean-to over a door so you can come and go without immediately being exposed to the elements. This is a great strategy in snowy climates, as it prevents snow buildup from blocking the door and will save you significant amounts of shoveling time.

The Right Partner

Whatever type of steel structure you happen to decide is best for your needs, you’ll want to work with the right partner who can provide you with a sturdy, reliable building for a fair price. Fortunately, you’ve already found that partner, as American Steel Carports, Inc. is more than up to the challenge. Head over to our Build & Price tool to start designing your new building. With countless customization options and a reputation for excellent customer service, you’ll love what we offer from start to finish. Our team is happy to help you work through this process or answer any questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. Let’s get started today!


American Steel Carports, Inc. can add and connect lean-tos to existing units installed by American Steel Carports within two years of building the original structure. If the owner wishes to connect a lean-to on a structure that was not installed by us, we can get it as close as possible to the original building, but we will not connect the structures.


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