Within the past few months, we’ve seen how the weather can be so unpredictable. An unexpected storm can come right at us at any time, especially during the transition of the seasons. Although the cold weather is about to come to an end for many regions, there’s nothing wrong with being prepared for next year. Now you might be thinking, what’s the ideal metal building for me? Well, American Steel Carports offers a wide variety of metal structures that are suitable for a variety of purposes.

A recommendation for our friends up north is the fully vertical buildings. If you want a structure that doesn’t require that much maintenance, then our vertical feature is the best choice for you. Vertical panels allow snow, water, leaves, and debris to slide off easily, especially on the roof. Another important feature of vertical siding is that it can be insulated. Here is a good example of an all-vertical and smooth metal building measuring 24’W x 36’L x 10’H:

  • 12-Gauge Galvanized Tubing
  • (2) 10’x8′ Roll-Up Doors
  • 36″x80″ Walk-In Door
  • (2) 30″x30″ Windows
  • Fully Insulated

If this is a building that you might be interested in, give us a call now and ask to speak with one of our representatives! Remember that we offer financing and rent-to-own in most of our service areas.

What exactly am I getting when I purchase from American Steel Carports?

  • 1-year workmanship warranty
  • 20 years of rust-through of framing warranty on our 12-gauge units
  • An engineer-certified structure
  • Delivery and installation INCLUDED in the price
  • All of the recommended bracing INCLUDED in the price

Call us now and let one of our experts answer your questions. The building that you’re looking for might be just one call away!