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Best Heavy Duty Carport

Best Heavy Duty Carport

When you think of a carport, what do you picture? If you are imagining a flimsy structure made of extremely thin metal, you need to take a closer look at the products offered by American Steel Carports, Inc. Far from flimsy, our carports are heavy duty and built to last. Once you finalize your design and have your carport installed, you’ll be able to look forward to many years of reliable performance from this structure.

To get started on your new heavy duty carport project today, check out our Build & Price tool. This simple online tool will allow you to experiment with design options and custom features to create a carport that is perfect for your needs. Our team is also here to help so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you soon!

Look for the Right Features

If you want to add a carport to your property, and you want to make sure it’s the best heavy duty carport available, there are certain features you should have on your checklist. If another carport dealer is offering buildings that don’t hit on some of these points, you’ll likely be disappointed with the product in the end.

A significant warranty

The warranty that a manufacturer is willing to place behind their product pretty much says it all, right? If they don’t think it’s going to last for years to come, they aren’t going to offer to replace it if something goes wrong. At American Steel Carports, Inc., the 12-gauge carports we sell are backed by a 20-yearrust through of framing warranty. With two decades of coverage, you can be sure that we believe in what we sell.

Engineer certification

This is another important point to consider when ordering a carport. Has the design of your carport been certified by an engineer? If not, you’ll be left to wonder if the structure is going to live up to the heavy duty expectations that you have for the carport. All our products are certified by an engineer for your peace of mind.

Roof bracing

Carports are simple structures, but they still need proper support throughout the design to make sure they stand tall in tough conditions. One way to keep a carport strong for years to come is to add roof bracing. We add the recommended bracing, so you won’t need to worry about your roof coming down when the wind comes up.

In an ideal world, every carport manufacturer would consider the things listed above as essential. That’s not the case, however, so be sure to work with someone like American Steel Carports, Inc. to make sure you get the strong carport you deserve.

Designed for Strength

The Build & Price tool on our site is a popular feature that we are proud to offer. With this tool, you can customize nearly every part of your carport, leaving you with a building that suits your needs and requirements. As part of this customization process, you can make selections that will only enhance the strength and performance capabilities of your new carport.

For example, going with an A-Frame Vertical roof design is going to increase the strength of the carport as compared to a regular roof with rolled eaves and horizontal panels. Also, you may decide to add a sidewall on the side of the carport that is most exposed to the elements in your area. That will help keep some of the wind out from under the structure, placing less stress on the building over time.

Those looking for a heavy duty carport will also want to be sure to select 12-gauge framing as opposed to 14-gauge. Various anchor options are available, as well, to make sure your carport remains firmly rooted in place.

Get Great Value

No matter which of our various options you elect to choose, the carport you receive from us is sure to exceed your expectations. Our commitment to quality is obvious to all of our customers, and we are sure you’ll love the way this new carport looks and performs.

When you consider both the modest cost of our carports and the heavy duty nature of their design, it’s easy to see that American Steel Carports, Inc. delivers excellent value to each and every customer. A large, sturdy carport can play many roles on your property, so get started today by reaching out for more information.


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