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The Best RV Wax for Full Body Paint

The Best RV Wax for Full Body Paint

Waxing your RV is a great way to show pride of ownership and bring out a shine that you can’t achieve any other way. Not only will a coat of wax cause your RV to look great, but it can also provide a protective layer that might allow you to go longer between washes. With that said, it’s important to use the right wax for the job and to use it properly. Read on to discover the best RV wax for full body paint and how to use it.

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Picking the Right Wax

Choosing the proper wax for your RV comes down to knowing what is covering the exterior of your rig. Is it painted from top to bottom? If so, you can use any kind of wax that is meant for regular automobiles since cars and trucks are typically painted. When this is the case, the wax used for your typical car work just as well on your RV.

Keep in mind though that most RVs are not painted. Instead, they feature a fiberglass exterior with a gel coat. If that is the case for your RV, look at products that are specifically designed for use on recreational vehicles. There are plenty on the market, but here are some tips to help you find the right one:

  • Save time with an all-in-one. If you want to get some of the benefits of waxing but don’t have a lot of time to invest, consider a product that combines the wash and wax features you need. This way, you wash your RV as you would regularly, and the product leaves a nice, shiny wax finish without any additional steps. Is this going to produce the kind of finish you would get from doing a layer of wax by hand separately? No, but it will still leave your RV looking great and ready for the road.
  • Apply as a spray. Some waxes used on RVs are designed to be applied with the use of a sprayer, while others are better applied by hand. The choice is yours, of course, but consider this factor while you are shopping and pick a product that lines up with how you would like to do the job.
  • Look at quantity when ordering. If you do your shopping for RV wax online–as many people do–look at how much you are getting for your purchase. A large RV can require quite a bit of wax to cover it entirely, so you might need to order more than one container to get the job done.

Understanding the Process

The process of waxing your RV starts with getting the rig as clean as possible. This is the most important step of all. Starting with an extremely clean surface gives your wax job a much better chance of looking great in the end. Not only do you need to get the exterior of the RV completely clean, but you also need to make sure it is totally dry before moving on to the waxing stage.

It’s best to only wax small areas of the RV, one section at a time, as you go through the process. Most waxes call for you to apply some to the surface, let it sit just briefly, and then wipe it away. If you wax the whole RV before you come back through to wipe it off, too much time will have passed, and the outcome might not be what you had in mind. But if you get into the habit of waxing your RV after each wash, you’ll have a rig that looks great throughout the year.

Protect Your RV with American Steel Carports

We hope you’ve found this article on how to choose the best RV wax helpful!

While you are thinking about the various ways you can protect your rig, remember to check out the options for RV carports available at American Steel Carports, Inc. With easy customization, a range of features, and competitive pricing, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Explore our free Build & Price tool today!


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