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How to Build a Shed: Important Considerations

How to Build a Shed: Important Considerations

A shed is one of the most versatile buildings you can add to your property. Whether you need storage space, workspace, or a little bit of both, a shed can get it done. Before you dive into a shed construction project, however, you’ll want to take a moment to think through some key points related to this job.

One of the best decisions you can make when planning to build a new shed is to choose metal as your building material. American Steel Carports, Inc. is proud to offer metal sheds because we understand the many practical benefits that are gained as compared to wood. Use our Build & Price tool to explore how your new shed can be customized to your specifications. If you need help or have any questions along the way, feel free to contact us directly.

Three Fundamental Choices

To start the shed building process, we recommend thinking about three key points –

  • Building material. We’ve already touched on this point above, and based on the name of our business, you know exactly how we feel. While you can still build a suitable shed out of wood, there are just too many advantages that come with using metal. Overall construction costs are lower with metal, the building process is shorter, and less maintenance will be required over the long run. Any way you look at it, metal is an easy pick over wood as your building material of choice.
  • Installation surface. How will you prepare the ground under the shed for this project? With a metal shed, it may be possible to build your new structure directly on the bare ground, and that will work fine for some use cases. However, a shed build on a concrete slab will have firmer footing and will offer a better setting for storing a wide range of items.
  • Shed size. The size of your shed is going to be determined by two main factors – the space you have available on your property and the intended uses for this space. We offer handy mini storage sheds for those who only have limited space and need some enclosed storage for specific supplies. On the other hand, you can create a large shed with our Build & Price tool that will allow you to use the space as a workshop in addition to a storage area.

Settling on answers to the three questions above is going to take you most of the way through the shed planning process. One other important note to consider: permits. It’s possible that you will need a permit to construct your new shed, although the rules will vary from place to place. Do your research on permitting early in the process so you can get the paperwork started right away, if necessary.

Considering Customizations

With the basic planning out of the way, now would be a good time to think about what custom features you want to put in place on your shed. Of course, this is easy with American Steel Carports, Inc., as we take great pride in the custom options we make available to our customers.

One question you’ll encounter early in the design process is whether you want a vertical or horizontal roof on your shed. A vertical roof has panels that run up and down from the sides of the structure to the peak of the roof. On the other hand, a horizontal roof uses panels that run from front to back. The horizontal option tends to be more affordable, but a vertical roof will do a better job of clearing rain and snow quickly off the structure.

The openings that are included with your shed are another key feature to consider at this stage. You’ll obviously need at least one door, but what should that door look like? You can pick a standard door just to walk in and out, or you can include a rollup door to make more room for equipment and large items. Beyond a door, you might also choose to add a window or two that can allow for ventilation during the warmer months of the year.

No Room to Compromise

When you think about how to build a shed, remember there are important considerations—Let us help with that. We don’t think you should have to compromise when planning and building your new shed, and you won’t when you work with us on this project. Thanks to our many customization options, our quick turnaround times, and our excellent customer service, this project will be a win from start to finish. Let’s get started today!


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