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5 Top Business Ideas for Steel Buildings

5 Top Business Ideas for Steel Buildings

You need a building to start countless different types of businesses. While not every business will require a structure to operate, most do – and steel buildings are a great choice for many of those endeavors. If you would like to get started with a new business and want to keep your start-up costs to a minimum, going with a steel structure is a great choice.

Below, we’ll get into some business ideas that would be a perfect match to operate in a steel building on your property. Of course, you’ll need to think about other factors, such as zoning restrictions, but this list should at least help to get the wheels turning and open your mind to what’s possible.

Once you have settled on a business idea and are ready to get started bringing the vision to life, American Steel Carports, Inc. is here to make it happen. The process starts with our Build & Price tool, where you can design a custom structure and include all of the features that you would like to see. If any questions come up during that process, simply drop us a line and we’ll respond shortly.   

# 1. Fitness Facility

One of the challenges when you want to start a fitness-based business is finding somewhere affordable to operate that business. You likely need a pretty big space, and you don’t want it to be broken up by a bunch of walls and beams that just get in the way of the workouts. For these reasons, steel buildings make a lot of sense for a gym business. They can be made with large clear span areas in the middle, come with an affordable price tag, and can easily be customized to suit your needs and what you are trying to accomplish for your customers.

# 2. Self-Storage

In case you haven’t noticed, self-storage facilities have never been more popular. It seems that they are popping up everywhere, and many of them are designed using steel structures. Again here, it makes a lot of sense to use steel, as it is affordable in the construction process, doesn’t need a lot of maintenance later on, and can be designed in a number of ways to create a layout that optimizes what the facility has to offer. It’s hard to imagine creating a new self-storage business today without using metal buildings as the core of the design.

# 3. Mechanic Shop

There is always a need for vehicle repair shops, and starting one in a steel building will allow you to get up and running quickly and for minimal cost. Auto shops are often housed in metal buildings because they can be designed easily with a number of bays and large roll-up doors to welcome customers’ vehicles. As a nice bonus, metal buildings aren’t as prone to fires as wood structures, so there is an element of safety involved in this decision, as well.

# 4. Woodshop

If you have a talent for woodworking and would like to turn your hobby into a profession, creating a metal building that can serve as your full-time, dedicated workshop could be just the thing to make it happen. With a woodshop all your own, you can set up important elements like dust collection and lumber storage so you have a smooth workflow and can create pieces that anyone would be proud to purchase. Not only will you be able to build things faster and more efficiently than ever before, but you will likely also enjoy woodworking more than you did in the past, now that you have a space all your own to really dig into your projects.

# 5. Athletic Facility

Finding a space to train away from the elements can be difficult for athletes of all ages. One relatively simple but valuable type of business that can operate in a steel building is an athletic training facility. A large clear span metal building that has been outfitted with a quality surface for the floor – such as synthetic grass – will make for a great area to work on skills, get in shape, and prepare for the next season. When designed correctly, this type of facility can cater to people playing many different types of sports.   

Build a Custom Building for Your Business

So, what type of business do you envision operating out of your new steel building? The possibilities are virtually unlimited, so spend some time thinking this through and turn to American Steel Carports, Inc. when the time comes to run with your idea. By working with us, you’ll be sure to have a quality, reliable building to serve as the home for your new business for many years to come. Get a quote today.  


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