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Canvas vs Metal Carport Covers

Canvas vs Metal Carport Covers

Two material options are likely to jump out right away when thinking about a new carport – metal and wood. These two are industry leaders and most people will just pick one of them to get going on their project. With that said, there is another possibility that some people will consider to serve as the roof of their carport, and that is canvas. So, is canvas a good choice for a carport? We’ll take a look at that topic in this article.

As you might guess from a company called American Steel Carports, Inc., we love what metal brings to the table for this kind of structure. If you decide that metal is the winning choice for your new carport, get started today by trying out our Build & Price. This handy online tool allows you to experiment with various designs and features, but you can also contact us directly if you have any questions about our products!

An Introduction to Canvas Carports

One thing to note right away about canvas carports is that they will likely include at least some metal in their construction. Often, the structure for the carport is made from metal, while the roof is a canvas material. This type of construction makes them easy to put up and take down, and they have a relatively low upfront cost due to the materials used and the simple installation process.

So, there is a lot to like so far, right? Well, let’s slow down for a moment and think about some of the drawbacks that you’ll find with canvas.

Less protection than metal

Most likely, you are going to enjoy less protection for your vehicles or other pieces of equipment when you pick a canvas carport. The roof isn’t as sturdy with this style, and there probably isn’t as much coverage around the sides as you would have with metal. You can keep some rain off the top of your vehicle with this type of carport, but that’s about it.

Shorter lifespan

This is a big point to consider. While you may pay less upfront for your carport, you’ll soon be regretting taking that discount. Since you didn’t pay as much, you didn’t get as much durability in the carport – and it may break down sooner rather than later. Investing the extra money in a metal carport is a choice that you’ll be glad you made five or ten years from now.

Limited versatility

When you order a metal carport – especially when you order from American Steel Carports, Inc. – you’ll be able to customize that structure to meet your needs perfectly. For example, you could add a wall to one side, add some enclosed storage, customize the colors, and more. In other words, the finished product will be exactly what you had in mind. With a canvas carport, you get what you get, and it might not be ideal for your needs.

Canvas carports can do the job of covering your vehicle or vehicles, but that’s about where the benefits stop. Unless you simply can’t afford a metal carport – and make sure you price one out with us completely before making that decision – going with metal is an easy pick.

The Aesthetic Look of Canvas

It’s also worth considering the look of metal and canvas carports while making your choice. With metal, you get something that looks permanent. It quickly becomes a natural part of your property, and it’s something that you can expect to see in that same place for many years to come.

That’s not the case with canvas. Even a quality canvas carport has a temporary appearance that you might not like adding to your property. With a top that looks more like a tent than a permanent structure, it will quickly become clear that you would have been better off spending the money on a quality metal carport. Additionally, a canvas carport might not be an approved structure if you live in a community with an HOA, so that’s another piece of the puzzle to consider.

Make Your New Carport a Metal One

It’s hard to find much to complain about when it comes to metal as a building material for carports. As we’ve highlighted above, metal brings so much to this kind of structure with no real drawbacks to note. A canvas product may work well for some people in certain situations, but make metal your first choice in this process. Reach out today to learn more and let’s get started!


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