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Carport and Storage Unit Organization Tips

Carport and Storage Unit Organization Tips

For anyone that has a home, a major issue that typically arises sooner or later is storage. This is especially true if you have a family. As years go on and on, the more stuff you start to accumulate. Before you know it, you’ve run out of space and it’s either time to find a better way to store things or you need to purge. In some situations, it may a combination of both.


If you find yourself in need to get extra storage and have some extra yard space, a storage unit or carport may be a good option for you and your family.  Since it is on your property, it’s convenient, and unlike renting a storage unit, you actually save money in the long run. However, to prevent the same issues from occurring or to prevent having an unorganized unit, it’s a good idea to come up with ways to properly store items in it.


4 Ways to organize Your New Carport or Storage Unit


When organizing your new storage unit or carport, it may require you to think both conventionally and unconventionally.


Tip #1: Invest in Custom or DIY Shelving

Including shelving in your storage unit is an easy way for you to get organized. In fact, many home improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot offer pre-made outdoor storage shelving solutions. There are many options available in various materials. Depending on what you want to store on your shelves will help you determine whether you need a sturdy plastic or metal option. Either way, the possibilities are endless! And if you’re feeling handy, opt to make your own custom shelving storage solution with wood. For some good ideas, search Pinterest for some good DIY pins.


Tip #2: Think Vertically

A lot of people only think about the space on the floor when they think about organizing their storage unit. However, it is smart to also think about using the vertical space, too. Items that you won’t use very often like bicycles or holiday decorations are great items to hang up higher. Although to reach these items it may require a ladder, it won’t be much of a hassle to pull your ladder down to reach these items when they’re needed.


Tip #3: Use Stackable Bins and Storage Containers

Anything stackable is a plus when it comes to organizing items and getting them out of your way. Using stackable bins or storage containers allow you to take advantage of more floor space. Remember, as long as you have a ladder, you can build vertically (see tip #2!).


Tip #4: Get Friendly with Pegboard and Hooks

Pegboards are inexpensive yet very functional. Hang one of these nifty boards on the wall of your storage unit, add some hooks, and you instantly have a nice looking tool storage option.


Bonus Tip: Tackle the Large Items First

When you pack your luggage or your car for a trip, the rule of thumb is that you put in your larger items first. The same goes for organizing your storage or carport unit to maximize space. Once you find a place for the large items you will be storing, the smaller items will be a breeze in the wind.


Use this 4 organization tips (plus a bonus) to help make the most of your new carport and eliminate clutter for good.


Get Your New Carport or Storage Unit from American Steel

Are in the market for a new mini storage unit or carport to help store you and your family’s things? American Steel has many options available like our traditional mini storage unit or A-Frame roof option. Each is customizable so you get the best option for your home and storage needs. They also come with free delivery and installation.


To learn more or get a free estimate, contact American Steel Inc. Carports.


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