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Carports Add Value to a Home

Carports Add Value to a Home

As a homeowner, you always want to keep the value of your home in mind when making any changes or additions to your property. If you know that something you do is going to make your home worth more to a prospective buyer in the future, you’ll have an easier time justifying the expense. And, on the flip side, if making a given change is going to hurt the value of your property, it’s worth thinking twice about making that move.

When it comes to the idea of adding a metal carport to your property, you can rest assured that you are in a good position to add value. This is an attractive feature for potential buyers, so you can feel good about your investment and how it will help your home sale whenever that day comes.

A Useful, Versatile Structure

When shopping for a home, buyers are going to look for properties that offer as many features as benefits as they can find while staying within their price range. After viewing a few homes in the same area, the properties are likely to look quite similar – houses in the same price range will usually have roughly the same square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, etc.

So, how can you stand out as a seller? Adding features that are not included with the other properties on the market is a big step in that direction. Even if a home shopper isn’t necessarily looking for a carport, that feature will be compelling when trying to pick between two similar options. Also, when trying to decide what to offer, a buyer may be willing to up their price a bit knowing they are getting a useful carport in addition to the house itself.

Add a Quality Carport

It’s one thing to say that a quality carport is going to add value to a home and the surrounding property; however, it’s important to note that simply throwing up any carport in any location on the property won’t necessarily get the job done. If you hope to add value with your carport, and you hope to get good use out of it while you still own the property, the job needs to be done right.

First, picking metal as your material of choice is a good move. Metal carports are impressively durable and require very little maintenance, so they will be appealing to future buyers. If a potential buyer sees an old wood carport that looks like it could fall over at any moment that structure won’t add any value to the land at all. In fact, it may take away from the property’s value, since the new owner may need to pay to have it repaired or taken down and hauled away. Going with a metal carport from a trusted name like American Steel Carports, Inc. is your best bet.

Also, it’s important to locate the carport strategically on the property. If this carport is going to be used mostly for covered parking, be sure to place it somewhere that is easy to reach from the road. Allowing plenty of room around the carport to turn around will help it be an asset rather than a liability. It’s also worth thinking about the topography of the area around the carport. Is it a low spot that tends to fill with water on a rainy day? Could you have that section paved to make the parking area even more convenient? All of these factors are important both for your use of the carport in the near future and for the value of your property down the line.

Many Reasons to Build

You probably aren’t going to build a carport solely due to the value it can add to your home. Rather, a boost in property value will simply be a nice side effect that you enjoy along with the main motivation of gaining the functionality of covered parking. To find the right metal carport for your property, start by using our Build & Price tool to see what’s possible with American Steel Carports, Inc. Work with American Steel Carports, Inc. to come up with a custom design that suits your needs and your budget and contact us for any questions!


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