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Create a Utility Carport with American Steel Carports, Inc.

Create a Utility Carport with American Steel Carports, Inc.

As you might suspect from our name, we love carports. For such a simple structure, carports offer incredible versatility and flexibility. You can accomplish a lot with a carport on your property, and you will only spend a modest amount of money to put one in place.

With that said, we do understand that there is one main limitation to a traditional carport – the lack of secured, indoor space. If you like the idea of a carport but you also have some things that need to be stored inside, a utility carport is the perfect solution. Use our Build & Price tool today to design a custom version, or take a moment to contact us if you have any questions. We are excited to serve you!

What is a Utility Carport?

A utility carport is essentially the combination of a carport and a garage. There is a covered outdoor space, along with an enclosed indoor space, blended into one structure. This is a particularly useful form of carport and a great solution if you have been trying to decide between a carport and a detached garage. With a utility carport, you don’t have to decide – you get the best of what both provide.

Serving Nearly Endless Purposes

Many of the structure we offer have an obvious purpose. For example, an RV carport is designed to do one thing very well – serve as a covered parking space for an RV. It’s not so simple with utility carports, however, and that’s a good thing. Thanks to the blend of indoor and outdoor covered space, these structures have countless uses. The list below only begins to touch on what they can accomplish.

  • Covered parking. This is the traditional function of a carport, so it makes sense to start here. Depending on how you design your utility carport and where you place it on your property, it could serve as the nightly home to the vehicle you drive most often. Alternatively, you could use it to park a vehicle you use to travel around your property, like an ATV or even a golf cart. Without a door to deal with, it’s always easy to pull in and out of a carport so you can be on your way.
  • Added storage space. Is your home starting to feel a little cramped due to all the extra things you are forced to store inside? A utility carport can be a great solution to that problem. Instead of renting storage space at a local facility and paying rent for the space, build your own storage and keep everything close at hand. The options for what you can store inside a utility carport are nearly endless, including seasonal items like holiday decorations and outdoor furniture pieces.
  • Create a workshop. If you love to work with your hands but don’t have an indoor space to do so, you might be able to solve that problem with the addition of a utility carport. The great thing about using a utility carport as a workshop is that you’ll have the option to let your work spill out into the open part of the carport without being completely exposed to the elements. For example, if you are into woodworking, you could do some work under the roof of the carport while not worrying about rain impacting your projects.

It’s up to you to determine exactly what purpose your utility carport will serve, and you probably have a good idea of what you’d like it to do. Keep those purposes in mind as you design the space to make sure the finished product is a match for your needs and expectations.

The Value of Custom

Not all carport companies place the same emphasis on customization as we do at American Steel Carports, Inc. By working with us, you’ll have the opportunity to add the little features and details that make sure this utility carport serves you well for years to come. Whether it’s an additional door, a window, or even just the right color, being able to customize your order with us is what sets us far apart from the competition.

Place Your Order Today

By taking the basic concept of a carport and adding the benefit of indoor space, a utility carport can solve nearly any storage problem you may have. And, when you order from American Steel Carports, Inc., you can rest assured that you’ll be getting a durable, long-lasting structure for a great price. Why wait any longer to get started? Place your order today and our experienced team will jump into action.


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