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7 Creative Backyard Shed Ideas

7 Creative Backyard Shed Ideas

One of the most common uses for a shed is the storage of items that don’t fit in the house or garage. But what if you don’t necessarily need more storage? Here, we’ll explore seven creative backyard shed ideas to demonstrate the other exciting ways you can put this structure to use on your property!

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An Office Outside the Home

With more people working from home than ever before, it has become necessary to get creative when looking for a comfortable office space. If you don’t have a room in your house that is suitable for such a role, consider using a backyard shed. Not only does this provide a cheap alternative to adding a new room to your house, but it also has the advantage of being detached for some peace and quiet.

There are a couple of important considerations to keep in mind if you go in this direction. First, you will need to have power supplied to your shed so you can run a computer, lights, and more. Also, you will want to think about how you can secure the shed at night. You might not feel the need to lock up a shed that only contains some garden tools, but the story is different when it houses expensive pieces of technology.

Potting Shed

At first, this might sound like just another term for a garden storage shed, but the idea here is a little different. This is not just going to be a place to stash your shovels, rakes, and more (although some of those things will live here). Instead, it is going to be designed as a working space where you can pot plants and get them ready for the garden. Think about adding a small table on one side where you can work, along with some storage for your pots, soil, and hand tools. A big part of enjoying the gardening experience comes down to being organized, and a dedicated potting shed can help you reach that goal.

Home Gym

Just as with a home office, it can be hard to find space in your house for a gym. The garage is a natural choice for setting up a workout area, but you may have yours filled with cars and other storage. Fortunately, a metal backyard shed can work just as well for housing a home gym. All you really need to get started is your shed and some basic equipment, but you can choose to add features like lighting and even plumbing if you want to elevate the experience.

Backyard Bar

If you are waiting for the idea on our list that is simply more fun than the rest, look no further. Turning your backyard shed into a private bar for family and friends is easier than you might think. The key to executing this idea is to think about your design when using our Build & Price tool. You’ll likely want relatively open access on one side of the bar, while also having enough space inside to add some storage. Location is also an important point if you will be using your shed as a hangout. You won’t want to place it in a hard-to-reach area of your property—instead, keep it near the high traffic areas so it will be easy to use and fun for all.


Do you love taking on new DIY crafting projects? If you seem to always be making something new—but your home turns into a mess each time you do—try turning a backyard shed into a crafting space. The design of this space is going to depend on the kinds of crafts you love to create. You’ll probably need power regardless, and you might want a large table and some storage if you have a significant collection of supplies.

Kids Play Space

For those with kids, a backyard shed is a perfect opportunity to give them a space to call their own. One of the great things about this idea is that it can evolve as the kids get older. The features you include when they are quite young can be removed and replaced with items suitable for an older kid as the years go by. Ask your kids for input to create a space that they will love.

A Pool House

This last idea comes with one important caveat – you need to have a pool! If you do have a pool in your backyard, adding a “pool house” will help you manage everything that comes along with pool ownership. You could use this as nothing more than a storage space, or you could keep your supplies elsewhere and turn your shed into a hangout space for those who need a break from the water.

Purchase a Metal Shed from American Steel Carports, Inc.

We hope these creative backyard shed ideas have provided you with some inspiration for your new structure! Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to what can be accomplished with a backyard shed from American Steel Carports, Inc. Start designing your shed today with our Build & Price Tool, and receive an instant quote!



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