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Customize Your Dream Garage with these Design Tips and Tricks

Customize Your Dream Garage with these Design Tips and Tricks

For many people, building a dream garage is something that they have been thinking about for years. If you are in a position to bring this dream to life, you want to think carefully about the elements and components you include in your garage, and what you want to leave out. Of course, you could always go back and make changes later, but it would be better to simply get it right from the start.  

For some help thinking about how to create a dream garage, we’ve assembled some tips and tricks in the article below. Take a moment to review these ideas, and when you are ready to get started, head to the Build & Price tool here on our site to begin the process of creating your ideal garage. Need some help with that process along the way? No problem – you are welcome to contact us directly to get help.   

Creating Your Dream Garage: Start with a Vision List 

You won’t be able to properly design your dream garage if you don’t first get clear on what you want that garage to do for you and your family. So, the natural starting point for this project is to make a detailed list of what you can use the garage for in an ideal world. This isn’t the time to be practical – it’s the time to think big and be ambitious. If necessary, you can trim this list down later, but for now, just write down everything that you want the garage to provide. Ideas include storage space for specific items, an exercise area, space for a workshop, parking for vehicles, etc.   

Choosing the Best Flooring for Your Dream Garage 

With some types of steel buildings, you don’t even need a proper floor to create the structure. While it might be possible to build over bare ground, that isn’t going to make for much of a garage. A space that you want to use again and again is going to have a proper floor, which means at least having a level concrete pad poured before the building goes up. To create a luxury floor, have it finished with something like an epoxy coating to make it more durable and more comfortable under your feet.   

Designing Multi-Functional Spaces in Your Garage 

Usually, we think about garages as being one big open space, but it doesn’t have to be that way. When designing your new metal garage, you could certainly include divided areas to provide some separation and natural organization within the building. This would work well if you have some things that you want to store while also using the garage for a workshop. The large, open area of the garage could serve as your shop space, while you could have a smaller room in the back that is dedicated to storage needs. You’ll immediately be more organized with this type of design, and you will enjoy the flexibility that it offers.   

Strategic Lighting Solutions for Optimal Garage Use 

A poorly lit garage is a frustrating – and even dangerous – space to use regularly. As you design this new garage and think about where everything is going to go, consider carefully how you are going to add lighting in just the right places to see everything you need to see. With modern LED lights, it’s possible to illuminate even a large space while using very little power, so it’s never before been so easy to do a great job lighting up a garage area.   

The Importance of Door Design in Garage Customization 

It’s unlikely that you will ever regret adding extra doors to your new garage. Having as many doors as is practical–given the design of your garage–will help you use it in many different ways over the years. It would be a shame to create this new garage only to find later that you can’t do everything you wanted with the space because the things you want to bring in won’t fit through the door. Remember, it’s not only the width of the doors that matters but also the height. If you plan on storing or working on large items like RVs or boats, take note of the height of your garage and its doors to be sure the design is going to serve you well.   

Kickstart Your Dream Garage Project with These Innovative Ideas 

We hope the ideas above help you get started in the right direction on your upcoming project. Of course, these are just a few of the many possibilities for a garage, so let your imagination run wild and remember that with so many customizations available through American Steel Carports, Inc., there is very little limit to what you can create. We hope to serve you soon!  


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