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5 of the Best Ideas for Easy Backyard Storage

5 of the Best Ideas for Easy Backyard Storage

Looking at your backyard might not be your first instinct when you need storage space. More likely, you’ll start by trying to squeeze every bit of space out of your garage and closets in your home. However, for some things, the backyard can be a suitable solution if you use it to store the right stuff and devise a plan for where each item will live.

We want to help you start by presenting a few backyard storage ideas in this article. However, if you really want to elevate your backyard storage options, consider adding a new metal shed from American Steel Carports, Inc. It’s easy to create a custom shed using our Build & Price tool, and our team is always happy to help if you have questions.

#1 Productive Planters

If you like to keep fresh flowers growing in your yard throughout the spring and summer, you probably use planters for at least some of those plants. As you may know, a deep planter doesn’t need to be filled all the way to the bottom with dirt – the plants only need a fraction of that soil to establish roots and grow properly.

So, instead of wasting so much space—and making your planters so heavy—consider creating planters with storage space under the plants. Building simple planter boxes is a job without the reach of many DIYers, and you can build a box within a box to open up storage space under the plants. Even if you don’t want to make one on your own, you might be able to find similar storage planters on the market for purchase—for example, this versatile planter storage option from Lowe’s.

#2 Add an Outdoor Cabinet

For people who like to cook and eat outside, outdoor cabinets will make life much easier. Even a simple plastic cabinet you can set on the ground near where you enjoy cooking and dining will work nicely. Inside, you can store basics like napkins and placemats, a few cups and utensils, and even water bottles. This way, whenever you use your outdoor dining space, you don’t have to return to the house when you forget something. As a bonus, these items won’t take up room in your home, so the level of clutter inside will also decrease.

#3 A New Metal Shed

A metal structure is the ultimate solution for backyard storage, so we certainly couldn’t leave this one off the list. By adding a shed that fits nicely into the space you have available in your yard, you can store many of the things you need to use in the yard daily. An obvious starting point for shed storage includes garden tools, your lawnmower, pots for plants, gloves, kneeling pads, and on and on.

By working with American Steel Carports, Inc. on this project, you can perfectly customize the design to ensure it fits in the spot you had in mind. Want to add features like a window, a larger door, or maybe some insulation? No problem – we offer the flexibility to bring your vision to life.

#4 Add a Storage Bench

This idea goes along with the concept of planter boxes with storage space below the flowers. In this case, it’s a bench that doubles as a storage space. You’ll gain seating, which is always a nice benefit, and the bench’s interior will offer plenty of storage space for things you only need to access occasionally. As with the planter, you could build this or purchase one from a home improvement store, like The Home Depot.

#5 Plastic Bins for Toys

If you have kids, one of the hardest things about keeping your backyard organized and functional is gathering all of their little toys without stepping on Legos in the process. Instead, consider using small plastic bins to divide the toys into categories and keep all of them together nicely. If possible, look for containers that don’t have solid sides – many on the market are made with a grid pattern in the plastic – as this will allow anything wet to dry off nicely.

American Steel Has You Covered

You won’t be able to store everything you own in your backyard, of course, but utilizing this space for a few essential items could make a big difference. We hope the tips above are helpful as you work on getting organized, and remember to work with American Steel Carports, Inc. if you decide that a new metal backyard storage shed is the right solution. We appreciate your time!

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