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Guide to Metal Carport Extensions

Guide to Metal Carport Extensions

The durability of metal carports is one of the biggest selling points for this type of structure. When you order from a quality supplier like American Steel Carports, Inc., you can count on getting many years of reliable performance from these types of buildings.

With that said, as your needs change over time, you may find that a structure that used to serve you well is no longer working for you. Specifically, your current carport might now feel too small, which is when the idea of an extension will come into the picture. It’s possible to make an existing carport bigger, which is the idea we’ll discuss in this article.

Of course, you might also decide that your best course of action is simply to replace your existing carport with a new, larger structure. If that is the path you want to take, American Steel Carports, Inc. is ready to help. With our simple Build & Price tool, you can get started right now designing the ideal carport for your property. Or, take a moment to contact us with any questions and we’ll get back to you shortly. 

Making a Carport Longer With Metal Carport Extensions

One of the most common types of extensions to a carport is making changes that will make the structure longer overall. This could be desirable for a few different reasons. For example, you may have purchased a larger, longer vehicle, and you want your carport to extend far enough to cover it entirely with some room to spare. Or, perhaps you want to be able to store some things at one end of the carport while still being able to park underneath – this would be another situation where adding length to the structure could help. 

Making these kinds of changes is possible, but a few steps are involved. First, you’ll need to consider the foundation. If your carport is currently standing on a concrete slab, that slab might not be long enough for the extension – so you will need to address that issue first by adding to the slab before the rest of the project can proceed.

Once any foundation issues are addressed, the next step is to add the new struts that will provide support for the sheeting that is added to make the carport longer. With those in place, existing roofing and side panels can be taken down, and the new ones – or a combination of new and old – can be put up. 

Making a Carport Taller

In some cases, it might not be additional length that is required but rather additional height. It is also possible to add height to an existing carport, although the process will look a little bit different. This is a job that is often undertaken when someone purchases an RV or a large boat and needs additional vertical clearance for it to fit underneath the roof. Before you even think about making your carport taller, be sure that you can make it tall enough to serve your needs. There is a limit to how much taller you will be able to safely make an existing structure, and if that isn’t going to allow you to fit your RV or boat in comfortably, it might be time to think about a new carport instead. 

Since the footprint of the structure may not be growing, it’s likely that no foundation work will be needed – so that’s a good thing. However, the whole structure will need to be lifted using jacks to make room for specialty carport leg extensions. By the time you purchase the jacks and the extensions, the cost of the project might not make as much sense as simply buying a new, larger carport that will perfectly fit your needs and come with warranty coverage.

Think About a Lean-to Carport Extension

Perhaps the best option in some situations will be to opt for a lean-to extension to a carport rather than an actual extension. This is a simpler project overall, as you can just attach the new lean-to structure strategically to the existing structure to produce something that serves your needs. Often, this will be the most cost-effective way to go, and it can still get you the end result that you desire without as much fuss or hassle as the other types of extensions.

Customizing Your Metal Carport with Steel Building Extensions

It may be that none of these solutions will work for you. Or the building is simply too old to be adding things on to it. Now might be the time to create a custom lean-to, or bonus building. Numerous clients have approached us with distinctive designs that some other companies might deem unfeasible or excessively costly for a metal structure. At American Steel Carports, though, you might discover that your budget can accommodate more than you’d expect. As a manufacturer, our foremost goal is to provide you with competitive pricing and top-quality materials. We’re dedicated to satisfying your aesthetic preferences and will devote our full energy to transforming your vision of a custom metal building into a tangible reality. Check out our custom metal buildings

Build Your Custom Metal Carport Today

Given the affordable, durable nature of the carports offered by American Steel Carports, Inc., opting for a new structure rather than adding onto an old one makes a lot of sense. To explore what that kind of project would look like, simply head over to the Build & Price tool now to get started. We think you’ll like what you find!


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