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How Much Does a Detached Garage Cost?

How Much Does a Detached Garage Cost?

Countless people could benefit from adding a detached garage to their property. The immediate availability of storage space and room for cars could be a big boost to a property that either doesn’t have a garage or has one that is already full of stuff. But isn’t it expensive to build a detached garage? If you have been holding off on this type of project out of fear over how much it will cost, we have some good news in the article below.

Getting started on a detached garage project has never been easier. With American Steel Carports, Inc., you don’t even have to spend a penny to take the first steps – you can start right now, for free, here on our site. Head over to the Build & Price tool and customize the detached garage of your dreams. If any questions come up, simply contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

It Starts with Material

One of the biggest factors involved in what your detached garage will cost is the material that is used to build the structure. Generally speaking, there are two options that you will be considering – wood and steel. Wood is the more traditional approach, but metal garages are getting increasingly popular each day.

Many people are surprised to learn that metal garages are significantly less expensive than wood versions. There are a couple of reasons for this difference. First, the wood itself is more expensive than the metal needed to build the garage. Additionally, a wood garage will take longer to construct, meaning the labor costs are going to be higher. When you bring those two factors together, you are left with a significantly higher bill with a wood garage and a strong reason to consider steel as your material of choice.

Consider Foundation Needs

It’s not only the building itself that will contribute to the cost of your detached garage but also the foundation. Having a concrete foundation poured, and having the site prepared for that foundation, can add to your total costs in a meaningful way. Of course, a level concrete foundation that can also serve as the floor inside your garage will make the space far more useful, but you do need to remember to add this component in when creating a budget.

The Size Variable

You won’t be surprised to learn that a larger detached garage is going to cost more than a smaller one. Bigger garages require more materials, in addition to a bigger foundation, so you will certainly spend more if you decide to upgrade the size of the garage you want to build.

With that said, it’s worth considering the larger design, even if it means spending a bit more money in the short term. What you don’t want to have to happen with this project is for you to quickly outgrow the garage you build. If you find this new detached garage is already too small just a few years after you have it built, you’ll be right back to the drawing board, and you’ll have to pay for a whole new structure. If at all possible, it’s best to err on the bigger side with your garage design, so you have some wiggle room when your needs change and you require more space than you initially expected.

Additional Features

So far, we’ve talked about how your detached garage’s materials, foundation, and size will all play a part in the final price tag. Beyond those three key points, there are also other additional extras that you might choose to add to the building that should be remembered. These are things like additional doors, a window or two, insulation, etc. Some upgrades are well worth the money they require, so you need to weigh the value each option brings against the cost associated with that feature.

In the end, there are too many variables involved in this process to offer any kind of firm number on how much it costs to build a detached garage. A simple, small detached metal garage can come in at a very modest price, while a larger structure with a big footprint and many additional features will be a more significant investment. The only way to proceed confidently is to get a quote for the type of building you need and then make an informed decision from that point.

Get Started Today

Investing in a new detached garage is a decision that can pay off for years to come, and the investment is likely to be far less than you might have expected. Of course, getting good value for your money will only happen when you work with the right partner, so turn to American Steel Carports, Inc. so you can be sure that you’re in good hands. Let’s get started on this project today!


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