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How Municipalities Can Use Portable Garages, Carports, and Buildings

How Municipalities Can Use Portable Garages, Carports, and Buildings

At American Steel Carports, Inc., we are proud to sell to many private property owners who use our structures to improve the performance and versatility of their land. But that’s only one group who can benefit from sturdy metal buildings. We’d like to take this chance to discuss how municipalities utilize metal carports and garages, optimizing the way they operate and highlighting their versatile uses.

Flexibility is the Key

The value of portable garages, carports, and buildings for municipalities can be found in the flexibility they offer. What people and businesses need changes throughout the year and over time, and the use of a building may need to serve many different needs. Where a private property owner may just want a carport for parking or storage all year long, a city government could have different demands. The ability to tear down a carport and erect it quickly somewhere else is an extremely valuable option, and one that can save both time and money over the alternatives.

When municipalities make purchasing decisions, budget constraints are always a key factor. Getting optimum value for every dollar spent is important, and it might be hard to get that value when buying larger structures or new properties. Metal garages, carports, and buildings can provide impressive flexibility along with their performance advantages, making them an outstanding choice for nearly any government or commercial enterprise.

Some Common Uses for a Commercial Carport

There are numerous ways municipalities use these structures, we can highlight some ideas that may match up with your needs.

Create a Pavilion

When the summer months arrive, people want to get outside, but the hot afternoon heat can make the summer uncomfortable. Using a carport structure for shade in a pavilion space is an affordable way to host outdoor events like lunches, meetings, ceremonies, and more.

Equipment Storage

This is another seasonal idea that could go a long way toward protecting the condition of important and expensive equipment. For example, when spring and summer arrive and large areas of grass need to be mowed, landscaping equipment will be brought out of storage and pressed into action. It might not be practical to move that equipment in and out of its storage home all summer long, so a temporary structure could be used to keep it protected from the elements. This same idea can be used for many different types of equipment that may be used by city or county maintenance teams.

Event Sales

When large community events are held, there will likely be stalls for concessions, apparel, or local businesses to sell their goods. These kinds of events don’t necessarily need a permanent building for concession operations, but they do need shelter for the duration of the event. This is another great use for carports as they offer plenty of space and shelter from sun or rain.

Parking a Fleet

One of the biggest investments made by most municipalities is the fleet of vehicles that are used by employees each day. The fleet could be made up of various types of vehicles, from standard passenger cars to large equipment trucks, plows, and more. Parking all of these vehicles out in the open could cause their condition to degrade quickly. As an alternative, consider using a metal structure for sheltered parking to serve some or all of the fleet.

Countless Possibilities

No matter what your municipality needs to accomplish with this project, the team at American Steel Carports, Inc. is ready and willing to help. Feel free to contact us and help you choose the best structures for your needs. Also, you are welcome to explore our Build & Price tool to see what’s possible for yourself. We appreciate your time and hope to serve you and your community soon.


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