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How to Build a Backyard Art Studio

How to Build a Backyard Art Studio

Creating artwork is more than just a great way to express yourself, it also offers a quiet, relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Of course, it can be hard to feel like relaxing in your home, especially if you have a busy family life with folks running in different directions at all hours of the day. The solution? A backyard art studio, of course.

By adding a new structure to your yard with the help of American Steel Carports, Inc., you can create a dedicated studio for your art projects and enjoy the tranquility of a peaceful retreat only steps away from your home. If you’re ready to get started, explore our Build & Price tool to see what kind of design options are possible. If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We’re always here to help! Now, let’s dive into the creative process of building a studio.

Start with These Basics

Building an art studio is a fun project, but there are some important details that you want to get right from the start. Without some basic features in place, you’ll likely find that your studio is not as enjoyable or comfortable as you had hoped, and you may need to go back to make some significant changes – or even start over entirely. During the planning phase, be sure to keep these important basics in mind.

Light is everything

It’s unlikely that your dream art studio is a dark and dreary place. You’ll want to welcome as much natural light as possible into the space, so be sure to add windows and maybe even a skylight to the design. Even a small shed can seem spacious and relaxing where there are plenty of windows to the outside. Plus, on warm days, you can open up those windows to bring fresh air into your studio.

Square footage

You’ll want to work hard to strike the perfect balance in terms of size for your art studio. If this is a space you are going to use alone, you’ll just need enough room for yourself and your tools – and maybe an additional storage area for some art supplies. If you plan on welcoming others into the space, however, it will need to be much bigger. Of course, the price of the project will increase as you make the shed bigger, so think carefully about your plans and settle on dimensions that offer enough room for your intended uses – and maybe just a bit extra in case your needs change in the future.

Location, location, location

Moving your studio to another location on your property is one thing you don’t want to do after your studio is built. When choosing the right spot for the studio to live, remember that you are going to want to visit it often – so making it easily accessible from your house would be a smart choice.

Metal vs Wood Studios

The two primary choices you’ll have for building materials for your new shed are metal and wood. While wood sheds can look nice and are a traditional option, there is simply too much to like about metal to ignore. With a metal shed, you’ll get a building that is sturdy enough to stand up to the elements while also coming with a modest cost. And, when you deal with a quality supplier like American Steel Carports, Inc., you will have the added benefit of easy customization so your shed can perfectly match your vision.

Keep the Elements in Mind

It’s easy enough to forget that your art studio – unlike your house – will not be climate controlled. That means it can be rather warm in the studio during the summer and quite cold in the winter. One of the best ways around this problem is to have the shed insulated from the start. American Steel Carports, Inc. is happy to offer insulation as one of our services when installing a new structure, so be sure to select that option and your studio will remain more comfortable throughout the year.

Along with temperature, humidity is another factor to consider when building your studio. Remember, windows are a great way to not only let in light but also increase ventilation in your studio—thus preventing mold.

Turn Your Studio into a 2023 Art Capsule

You probably don’t want to keep the inside of your new art studio plain and bare for long – but it’s okay if it starts that way. In fact, four fresh walls in a newly made shed can be a great way to track your artistic journey beginning with a blank canvas.

American Steel Is Here to Help

By taking care of the basic important points that were listed above, you’ll be able to get started using your studio as soon as it is constructed. Then, over time, you can gradually give it a personality by decorating the inside and maybe even doing some landscaping on the outside.

With a solid metal building serving as its core, you can develop the studio feel as time moves along to make it something truly one-of-a-kind. You may be surprised to find just how dramatically the experience of creating art can be elevated when you have a dedicated studio, and American Steel Carports, Inc. can make that dream a reality.

If you’re ready to get started, remember to explore our free Build & Price tool. If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to contact our team for assistance. Thanks for stopping by our blog, and we hope to serve you soon!


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