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Building a Backyard Yoga Studio: Your Complete Guide

Building a Backyard Yoga Studio: Your Complete Guide

As a yogi, you know the importance of having the right retreat to enjoy your practice. Yes, you can technically do yoga just about anywhere, but the experience isn’t quite the same as when it takes place in a dedicated, intentionally crafted space. Many individuals dream of having a backyard yoga studio for precisely this purpose, and that dream might be closer at hand than you realize!

In this article, we’d like to show you how your backyard studio can be done for a modest investment of time and money. A quality metal shed from American Steel Carports, Inc. will play a significant role in this project, so get started by visiting our Build & Price tool right away. While you’re there, play around, have fun, add windows, and even select your structure’s color. We take pride in the countless customization options available so that this shed can include all the suitable design characteristics for a comfortable yoga den. Have questions? Just contact us directly, and we’ll be glad to help.

Start with Dimensions

Your backyard yoga studio will only be successful if it has enough space for you to move through the various poses in comfort and without restriction. So, you’ll want to ensure the new structure is big enough for this purpose—but not so big that it feels cold and impersonal.

As a starting point, a roughly 10’ x 10’ shed should be suitable, but you can adjust those dimensions to suit your needs and the space available on your property. Remember, in addition to having enough room to move around, you’ll also want to be able to put some items in the shed to make it feel like a completed yoga studio. When in doubt, err on the side of a slightly bigger structure you can grow into with time.

Include Windows in the Design

To create a comfortable studio, you’ll want to have at least one window in your shed, if not more. Windows allow natural light to enter the space, making it easier to bring fresh air and good vibes. It will also keep the studio smelling great! On the other hand, a shed with only a single door and no windows may feel too dark and stagnant to function appropriately as a relaxing, peaceful studio space.

Fortunately, adding windows to your shed design is easy with American Steel Carports, Inc. We prioritize customization, so adding windows and other elements is as easy as selecting them within the Build & Price tool. Want to add something that you don’t see in the tool? Don’t give up on that idea—reach out to us directly, and we may be able to make it happen.

Consider Flooring Options

During yoga, you may spend most of your time on the ground. So, an unfinished floor won’t get the job done. Instead, you’ll want something comfortable and easy to clean to make your studio as inviting as possible. As one option, you could roll out a giant yoga mat each time you go through a session, but it might be better still to finish the floor with some gym mat “puzzle pieces” that interlock and give you a cushioned, durable surface on which to do your work.

Add a Mirror or Two

Since you will likely be practicing yoga alone in this space, it is beneficial to have a mirror available to monitor your movements and ensure you are hitting the correct positions. To avoid hanging a mirror on your shed’s wall, look for a tall, slender model with a stand. This way, you can easily move it around the space as needed, and you’ll always be able to put it in the right spot for the exercises you are doing that particular day.

Make It Home

Finally, you’ll want to add some personal touches to make this space more enjoyable and peaceful. What these touches include will vary dramatically from one individual to the next. Now is the time to consider what you love and how this space can reflect your personality and attitude toward yoga. Get creative and make this a place you’ll love visiting day after day!

American Steel Has Yogis Covered

We hope you enjoyed this guide on how to build a backyard yoga studio! As you can see, American Steel Carports, Inc. is the perfect partner for this kind of project, so why wait any longer to get started? Design your dream space today, and our team will work on bringing it to life. Thank you for stopping by our blog; we hope to serve you soon!


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