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How to Build a Library Shed

How to Build a Library Shed

It’s hard to think of a more relaxing, peaceful place to spend time than a library. Whether you are looking for information or entertainment, a library has more than enough of both. But, of course, to get to your nearest library, you may need to take a long walk or even get in the car to drive to that physical location. So why not bring the library experience home?

By creating a library shed, you can start to compile your own collection of books that will always be just a few steps away. This is a more straightforward and affordable process than you might think at first, and we’ll discuss the necessary steps in the article below.

You’ll want something affordable, durable, and customizable for your backyard library. Those words accurately describe what we offer at American Steel Carports, Inc. Thanks to our Build & Price tool, it’s easy to design a shed that will serve your needs perfectly while fitting in the available spot on your property. Have questions? Just contact us, and we’ll be glad to work with you.

Start with the Books

Without books, you don’t have a library. So, the care of those books is where you’ll want to start when thinking about your new library shed. Adding a set of shelves to your shed will likely be the best bet for organizing and storing the books. You’ll want to ensure your shed design includes at least one long, uninterrupted wall that will make for a good spot for these shelves to stand.

In addition to some shelves where the books can live, you will also want to ensure the conditions inside the shed are suitable for paper books. Moisture is the enemy of paper, so a damp, shed environment will quickly lead to books that are falling apart and maybe even moldy.

You can take a few steps to avoid excessive moisture, including adding a window for ventilation or installing a dehumidifying unit that can run periodically to pull water out of the air. However, the latter option will require power, so keep in mind that this option will require electrical work, which will drive up the cost of your process. On the other hand, cordless humidifiers are a more affordable and convenient option.

Keep in mind that sheds made by American Steel come with a 20-year warranty from the date of completion of installation. However, this warranty is forfeited if the owner modifies structures. Therefore, we recommend moving forward with battery-powered dehumidifiers. We also offer options so your shed can be fully insulated to help regulate indoor temperatures.

Make it Functional

Collecting your books in a shed is a good starting point toward an enjoyable library space, but you still need somewhere to read the books in peace. So, consider adding a comfortable chair and a small table on the opposite side of the shed from the bookshelves. With a nice chair and a spot to set down your book – or a beverage – you’ll have everything necessary to enjoy reading in peace and quiet.

Additionally, the inside of a shed will be pretty dark, so adding light will be necessary. Of course, this is easier if you have electricity added, but you could opt for a battery-powered light source if no electricity is available. You can also add as many windows as you’d like to your design for more natural light.

Additional Comfort

Sheds are often cold, utilitarian spaces. That’s fine when it’s used for potting plants or storing a lawnmower, but it’s not exactly the vibe you are going for when building a library. So, consider taking other design steps to make this a more welcoming place to spend time. Here are a few options:

Bring in a rug

Adding a rug to the floor of your library shed will not only make it cozier but might also bring the temperature up a bit by providing a bit of insulation under your feet.

Cover the windows

If you add a window or two to the design of your shed – which is easy to do when you work with American Steel Carports, Inc. – you might want to find some curtains that can make the space feel more finished.

Artwork or other decorations

The focal point of a library will undoubtedly be the books, but you don’t have to stop there in terms of what you bring into the space. If you have any artwork or interior décor that you particularly like, add those elements around the shed to further the ambiance and make this place uniquely your own.

Start Your Project with American Steel

We hope you enjoyed this guide on how to build a library shed! Once completed, your new library shed will likely become one of your favorite places to spend time. Of course, we’d love to be a part of this process, so don’t hesitate to contact our team at American Steel—whether you are ready to get started or need more information.

Remember to explore our free Build & Price tool to discover the possibilities! Thank you for taking the time to visit our blog, and we hope to serve you soon.


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