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How to Cool Your Garage

How to Cool Your Garage

In the summer months, a garage can be a rather uncomfortable place to spend your time. Without being served by the same kind of HVAC system that tends to your house, the garage can quickly heat up – especially if you live in a climate that is prone to high summer temperatures. 

If you are going to use your garage throughout the year, and if you will store things in the garage without the heat doing unwanted damage, you’ll want to consider cooling solutions like garage cooling tools. This article will take a look at the options for how you can maintain a nice temperature even during the worst of the summer heat. 

Looking for a new metal garage to add to your property? American Steel Carports, Inc. is ready to help with that project. Take a moment to try out our Build & Price tool to see what options are available, and remember that you can always contact us if you need help with your cool garage needs. 

Starting Simple to Cool Your Garage

One of the easiest – and most affordable – ways to cool a garage is to open a window and put a fan in the window to move some air around the space. Of course, this doesn’t do a lot of good if it is still blazing hot outside, but it’s an effective strategy if the outdoor temperature has started to fall, but the inside of the garage is still stuffy. 

For this plan to work, you’ll need at least one window in the garage, if not more. So, keep that in mind when designing a new garage that you’ll add to your property. By shopping with American Steel Carports, Inc., you can easily add features like windows to your design to ensure the finished product serves your needs and helps keep you and your things comfortable in your cool garage. 

Make Sure the Garage Is Insulated

This option isn’t an active form of cooling, but it can be incredibly effective. To keep the temperature swings in your garage from being too dramatic in either direction, make sure the building is properly insulated with a quality product. This is particularly important for a metal garage as metal is a material that easily conducts thermal energy – in other words, the temperature inside your garage will closely mirror what is going on outside. 

Adding insulation is something you can usually do to an existing garage structure without too much trouble. With that said, it’s great if you can do the insulating work before the garage is finished, so keep that in mind if you are building a new one. By insulating it from the start, you’ll be able to control the temperature swings, and you might find that other means of cooling aren’t necessary in the end. 

Investing in Air Conditioning for a Garage

Quite obviously, adding air conditioning to the garage is the approach that will provide you with the best results. If you spend many hours during the summer in your garage and want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible during that time, there is nothing like air conditioning to get the job done. 

While the type of air conditioning you use in the garage will depend on your situation, there are a couple of popular options to consider. If possible, you could add a mini-split system that has an outdoor unit that runs cooling power to the indoor unit to distribute cool air. That’s the more expensive approach, but it will allow you to get great results, and it can work wonderfully in a large garage, as you can decide how many mini-split units to include. 

For a more affordable approach, think about purchasing a portable air conditioning unit that is just plugged into the wall when you want to use it. You won’t get the cooling performance from a portable unit that you will get from a more powerful, installed system, but it’s certainly better than nothing. Just remember that you do need a way to vent the portable A/C to the outside, so keep that in mind before making a purchase to effectively cool your garage air conditioning system.

Build Your Custom Garage to Be Cool with American Steel Inc.

A cool garage is one you can enjoy using even when the summer temperatures soar. We hope the ideas above help you find an ideal solution for your space – and, if you need to build a new garage on your land and would like to use metal as your building material of choice, American Steel Carports, Inc. is the easy pick. We’d love to work with you on this exciting project so please reach out today!


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