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How to Prevent Mold in Storage Sheds

How to Prevent Mold in Storage Sheds

It’s always bad news to spot mold growing in a building. No matter where it is, you want to eliminate it as soon as possible and deal with the damage. Given the potential health impacts of mold exposure, it’s usually best to have a professional deal with the issue and properly clean it up so no one is put at risk.

What’s even better than cleaning up mold is preventing it from growing in the first place. This article is going to present some strategies for how to prevent mold in storage sheds. Of course, sheds tend to be an ideal setting for mold to thrive, as they are usually dark, sometimes damp, and may go months without having the door opened. To avoid letting mold ruin what you have stored inside, use some of the tips below.

And, if you need to add a new storage shed to your property, American Steel Carports, Inc. is here to help! Explore our easy-to-use Build & Price tool, and don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you have questions along the way.

#1 Cut Down on Sources of Water

This is where it all starts with mold prevention. Like all living things, mold needs water to grow – so taking as much moisture out of the shed as possible should be your first goal. You’ll never eliminate moisture entirely, as there is always some degree of humidity in the air, but taking away water in the form of leaks or even condensation can make a big difference.

One good way to accomplish this goal is to create a solid concrete foundation for under your shed. It’s possible to build a metal shed just on bare ground, but doing so is going to allow moisture from the earth to come up into the space where it can serve as a starting point for a mold problem. By pouring a concrete slab and then putting your shed on top, you’ll have a nice barrier that will make mold issues far less likely.

#2 Store Carefully

When you are getting ready to put something into your shed, make sure that it has had a chance to dry thoroughly before placing it in storage. This is important for things that are often used outside, such as lawn tools or outdoor recreational equipment. If you put things back into the storage shed when they are wet, you’ll be introducing the additional moisture that we talked about above, and mold may be soon to follow.

#3 Don’t Be a Stranger

Generally speaking, mold growth doesn’t spiral out of control in a short period of time. It usually takes a while for this problem to develop, so you can spot it early on by simply checking in on the shed and moving things around a bit. Shine a bright light into the corners of the shed and on any items that you feel might be susceptible to mold growth. Not only will looking through the shed periodically help you spot signs of moisture or mold, but the simple act of opening the door will offer some ventilation that can help the situation.

#4 Let It Breathe

Speaking of ventilation, air movement is an enemy of mold growth. This is one of the reasons mold is commonly a problem inside small sheds – they typically don’t have windows or any other openings, and the air inside can get warm and stagnant. When you shop with American Steel Carports, Inc., however, you’ll have the option of customizing your new shed, meaning you can add a window or two to help with this problem. Just open up those windows from time to time on nice, sunny days and you’ll have some built-in mold protection.

#5 Monitor Humidity

For this last tip, we are going to come back to the topic that has been the theme of this article – moisture. The humidity level in your shed is going to largely determine whether or not mold can grow, so consider using a device – known as a hygrometer – to measure humidity and respond accordingly. During the humid times of the year in your area, you might want to add something to the shed that will absorb moisture actively to keep the air dryer. A box of cat litter placed in the corner of the shed will do a nice job, but there are other options on the market, as well.

American Steel Has You Covered

You don’t want to head out to your storage shed and find that mold has taken over many of the things you’ve stored inside. Avoid that outcome by using some of the ideas above to make sure your shed is not an attractive place for mold to call home. American Steel Carports, Inc. would love to take on the job of adding a new shed to your property. Remember to explore our free Build & Price tool and contact us if you have any questions along the way. Thanks for stopping by our blog, and we hope to serve you soon!


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