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How to Protect Your Car from Snow Without a Garage

How to Protect Your Car from Snow Without a Garage

We all know that parking in a garage is the best way to protect your car from the snow, but not all car owners have this luxury. Fortunately, there are still plenty of ways that you can protect your car from the snow without a garage. Read on to discover your options.

In the end, it’s obvious why adding an insulated metal garage or enclosed carport to your property is the best choice. If you decide to go this route, start by exploring our free Build & Price tool. Here, you can customize your building, request a quote, and more. If you have any questions along the way, our team is here to help.

Winter Car Care Preparation

Planning for the inevitable snow ahead is one of the wisest things you can do for your car. Here are a few snow-related tips to help you get started.

1. Add an insulated carport or garage to your property

Insulated garages are your best choice when it comes to protecting your car from both harsh temperatures and snow. To avoid the dreaded dead winter battery, give your car a warmer shelter. Taking this route not only helps to conserve your battery power but also extends your car’s lifespan. This option will also take away many other common winter worries including protecting your tires,

2. Buy a car cover

If you can’t park under a roof, a water-resistant car cover is your best option. Water-resistant material is essential here if you don’t want to trap moisture. Choose a cover that drapes over your entire vehicle from front to back. Using a car cover may not be as efficient as a garage, but it will still make it easier to brush or knock the snow off your vehicle once a storm passes.

3. Invest in essential blankets

The snow itself on the outside of your car shouldn’t be your only worry. Harsh temperatures can do a lot of damage when it comes to your vehicle’s lifespan. Car battery blankets are a great option for keeping your battery warmer and avoiding the dreaded dead winter battery. And grille covers help maintain the integrity of your rig. A small investment in a grille cover will easily pay for itself in the long term by preventing ice from building up in your ventilation system.

Quick Tips for Protecting Your Car from Snow

Of course, taking cover with a carport is your best option when it comes to protecting your vehicle from snow. But if a snowstorm is on the way and you need to prepare immediately, follow these quick tips.

  • Protect the windshield. While there are products made specifically for covering the windshield of your vehicle in the snow, you can also use blankets or towels. When the snow is gone, peel back the protective layer to clear your windshield.
  • Adjust your wipers. When snow is expected, always stand up your windshield wipers. This prevents the wiper from freezing to the windshield and damaging the rubber.
  • Park wisely. Even if you don’t have a garage, think strategically about where you park. Avoid parking directly under a tree or anywhere else there is potential for snow or other objects to come crashing down on your vehicle. , as that tree may get loaded down with snow and branches could come crashing down.

Stay Covered this Winter with American Steel

We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to protect your vehicle from snow. It’s only a matter of time before winter’s first snow is here. Fortunately, you have plenty of time to prepare. If you’re leaning toward adding an insulated garage or carport to your property, remember to explore our free Build & Price tool. To learn more about our insulated metal buildings, carports, and garages, contact our team today! We hope to serve you soon.


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