How to Protect Your Metal Building from Rust

How to Protect Your Metal Building from Rust

One of the first concerns some people have when considering adding a metal building to their property is rust. After all, doesn’t metal rust when left out in the weather for too long? It can, but the reality of how rust works is a little more complicated than that. We’ll get into the details below and help you understand why metal is actually an excellent choice for various types of buildings on your property and how to protect your metal building from rust. 

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How Rust Forms on Metal Buildings: Rust is a Water Problem

We won’t dive too far into the chemistry here, but it’s important to remember that, at the core, rust is a problem that is all about water. When water is present and comes into contact with the surface of a metal, rust can form, and the metal will be weakened. Of course, since your new metal building will live outside, it is destined to encounter water from time to time. Depending on where you live and the local climate you experience, your building might be exposed to water nearly all the time. 

With all of that said, you aren’t doomed to face long-term rust problems with your new building. There are ways to fight back against the formation of rust on your structure to where you can keep it as a manageable problem or even prevent it altogether. 

How to Prevent Rust on Metal Buildings: Using Quality Components

To begin this process, it’s important to ensure you’re sourcing your metal building from a company that exclusively utilizes high-quality components. Specifically, key parts of the metal building need to be made from galvanized material, as the galvanization progress is essential to help prevent rust. When you see an old metal building sitting out in a field that has rusted almost completely, you can be sure that the building was not constructed using galvanized metal. 

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Paint Also Helps Rust on Metal Buildings

Another way to battle back against water and its rust-forming capabilities is to add a layer of paint to the metal. This is a physical barrier that will keep the water from directly coming into contact with the metal underneath, and you’ll have more protection as a result. Not only does the paint help by protecting the metal and making rust less likely, but it also adds a nice visual appeal to the structure. Consider picking a paint color that either matches with existing buildings on your property or contrasts with them in a pleasing way. 

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Some Maintenance Required – But Not Much

After your building is in place, consider washing it once or twice a year to clean off the surfaces and keep it looking and functioning great. It might be surprising to hear the suggestion of washing the building when we’ve been talking about how you can keep water from harming the metal, but the goal here is to get rid of dirt and debris that might, over time, harm the finish of the building and open up areas where rust can develop. Beyond a periodic washing, there really isn’t much more that needs to be done to care for your metal structure as the years pass. 

Build a Rust Free Metal Building with American Steel Carports, Inc.

You don’t have to watch as your metal building falls victim to rust and becomes useless only a short time after it was constructed. The first step in the battle against rust is working with a trusted supplier like American Steel Carports, Inc. When you buy a carport from us, you can be sure that we’ll use quality materials, and the structure you are left with is something that will last for many years to come. Contact us today.