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How to Turn a Metal Shed into a She Shed

How to Turn a Metal Shed into a She Shed

The idea of a “she shed” is a good one, and one that many people have put into practice on their properties. By adding a shed that is detached from the house—reserved for projects and other enjoyable pursuits—you’ll have a place to escape the daily craziness and focus on something that brings you joy.

As you get ready to build your she shed, consider the many advantages of using metal rather than wood. Metal sheds are affordable and durable, especially when you work with American Steel Carports, Inc. on the project. Try our Build & Price tool today to see what is possible, and don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions along the way!

The Possibilities Are Endless

Without a doubt, the best place to start your she shed project is by thinking about what the shed will be used for once it is completed. There are nearly endless possibilities here, but a few popular options are as follows:

  • Craft space. One of the best ways to utilize a she shed is as a craft or project space for your favorite hobby. If this is your planned use for the building, make sure it has enough room inside for everything you want to do. Also, if you need electricity or access to water, those are factors you’ll need to consider early on, as well.
  • A cozy library. For some people, a she shed is about little more than just having a quiet and comfortable place to read and relax. You shouldn’t need as much space for this purpose as you would for a crafting shed, and you could bring in a portable light to avoid the need for electricity.
  • Gathering place. You might not want to build this shed to get away from people, but rather to connect with your friends in a place that offers more privacy. In that case, the shed will need to be large enough to accommodate a few people, and it will need whatever amenities you’d like to include to make them comfortable.

Consider the Aesthetics

A visually appealing shed is likely to be used far more often, so consider aesthetics right from the start. With a metal she shed, getting the paint color right will be a big help, as you can then just apply some basic design concepts to accent the existing paint and you’ll be left with something you love.

By ordering your metal shed from American Steel Carports, Inc., you will be able to pick from a range of paint color options. Some of the many great candidates include slate blue, pewter gray, evergreen, clay, barn red, and more. Also, you can pick a contrasting color for the trim if you would like, so this shed can take on a distinct personality as soon as it is constructed by our experienced installers.

Include the Right Features

Customizing your shed is easy when you shop with American Steel Carports, Inc., as well. Picking the right features to make your shed as comfortable as possible will help you get more use out of this investment, and will also allow you to avoid making changes later on.

One great addition is a window or two in the walls of your shed. These windows will allow natural light to come into the space, making it more enjoyable during the daytime, and you can also open them up on nice days for fresh air and ventilation. A shed that doesn’t have any windows can feel dark and stagnant, and you might find that you don’t want to spend much time in the space as a result. Also, adding a standard walk-in door, instead of a barn-style door, is another step toward making this metal building as enjoyable as possible.

The Finishing Touches

To finish off the interior of your she shed, consider bringing in a subcontractor to bring your vision to life. Having a professional do the finishing touches will take a burden off of your shoulders and allow you to quickly finish the project and start to enjoy it. Not only can a professional contractor help with the execution of your vision, but an experienced pro may be able to bring some fresh ideas to the project that you would not have considered otherwise.

We think that metal is the perfect material for a she shed, and as you can see from the ideas above, it won’t be hard to turn this shed into a space that you love. If you need any help with this exciting new project, remember to turn to American Steel Carports. Our free Build & Price tool is a great way to begin bringing your she shed to life. Thanks for stopping by our blog, and we hope to serve you soon!


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