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Installer Crews

Do you need a hands-on job with great pay? American Steel Carports, Inc. is always looking for subcontractors who are skilled in the installation of metal carports and buildings. We refer to our installation crews simply as “Installers” and immediately consider them to be part of the ASC family!


Although our Installers receive great pay, experience, travel, and a secure job, there are several reasons why we have a shortage of knowledgeable and capable crews. Carport and metal building installation requires individuals who are able to work in extreme weather conditions and are also willing to travel and work away from home for long periods of time. As a subcontractor, you would have to provide your own vehicles, tools, and lodging and work on a commission basis. This field of work requires crews of at least 2-3 individuals and is considered dangerous due to sharp objects, high altitudes, etc. This work environment is fast-paced and requires a high and meticulous level of skill as well as excellent time management abilities. You must be able to pay attention to detail and solve problems on site. Additionally, you are the face of our company, so we expect great on-site customer service and communication skills. You must be able to deal with not only our satisfied customers, but also the unhappy ones. With this job comes great responsibility. You are the one in charge of making sure that you, your crew, and the company look their best! Customers tend to remember installer crews, often calling us to commend the great job they did.


Many have tried, but not many succeed. Remember, there is work, just not enough people willing to take the initiative. Not just anyone is cut out for this job, which is why we HIGHLY value the crews we currently have.


If you are interested and think you and your crew have the necessary set of skills, give us a call today at (866) 730-9865 or visit one of the following ASC shops: