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Is a Carport with Sides Just a Large Shed?

Is a Carport with Sides Just a Large Shed?

At American Steel Carports, Inc., we take great pride in our customization options. We like to make sure that every customer gets exactly what they need – and that means providing a long list of custom options that can be selected in the planning process. If you stop by our Build & Price tool to experiment with various designs, you’ll see just how much is possible when you order from us.

The tricky part of offering so many custom features is that lines can get blurry between different types of structures. We have carports, sheds, garages, and many other buildings available – but where does one stop and another begin? We’ll discuss this question and take a deeper look at how carports differ from sheds, and whether the differences matter in the end. When you are ready to get started on your project, feel free to contact us for assistance.

What is a Carport?

On the surface, this seems like a silly question – you can probably picture a standard carport in your mind without any help. Most people think of a carport as a building with a roof and no sides. They are perfect for parking vehicles out of the rain, storing equipment, and many other uses. But does the addition of a side mean it is no longer a carport?

When you customize our carports, you’ll quickly notice that the option to add one or more sides is available. Sides are often added to improve the way the carport keeps the elements out. For example, if there is one prevailing weather pattern where you live, you might choose to add a side on your carport to protect against that weather pattern. So, if the wind and rain come out of the west, you could put a wall on the west side of your carport to block most of the rain from entering.

Of course, as you continue to add sides, the building will look less and less like a carport, and more and more like a shed. But who cares? The point is to get the exact type of performance that you require from the structure, not to call it any particular name. If the best building for your needs is a carport that has three sides added, that is exactly what you should order.

Thinking Practically

The best thing you can do when planning to add a new metal structure to your property is to think about how the building will be used each day. What are you planning to do with the building, and how will its design impact that usage? Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Walls add protection but limit flexibility. One of the things people like about traditional carports is how easy they are to access from all sides. As you add walls, you lose access in exchange for keeping the elements out. Neither one of these approaches is right or wrong, but that trade-off is an important point to consider.
  • More than parking? If your carport is going to only be used for parking, adding sides makes a lot of sense. You gain protection for your vehicle, and you can still pull in and out just as you would have if the walls weren’t there.
  • Do you need two structures? Sometimes, the best solution is to build two smaller structures rather than trying to get one building to serve all your needs. If you have enough room on your property, going with a small carport and a small shed might be ideal, rather than a larger carport that also doubles as a shed for some purposes.

Sides Are Just the Start

Not only can you add sides to your carport when you customize with us, but you can turn to many other features to make the finished product a perfect match for your needs. You can add windows and doors (you’ll need walls for that, of course), you can choose between horizontal and vertical roofing, you can pick your colors, and much more. We are always excited to see what our customers create when designing their metal buildings – a little creativity can go a long way toward solving whatever practical challenges you face on your property.

What’s in a Name?

In the end, we don’t care much about what you decide to call our structures – we just want you to be completely satisfied with the finished product. Whether it’s a carport, a shed, or something in between, we want you to be thrilled with the new structure that goes up on your property. And, given our long history in this business and the quality materials that go into each project, we are confident you’ll love what you get from American Steel Carports, Inc. Let’s get started today!


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