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Best Lighting Ideas for Your Custom Shed

Best Lighting Ideas for Your Custom Shed

In many cases, lighting isn’t needed for a shed. If the shed space is only going to be used for storage and little else, lighting probably won’t be necessary – you can always bring a flashlight if it’s dark and you need to retrieve something. However, if the shed will have other uses, adding lighting is a great way to make it even more valuable. 

If you’d like to light up a shed, this article will present some simple options for doing just that. And, if you first need to build a shed that you’ll then add lighting to later, American Steel Carports, Inc. is the ideal partner for that project. By using our Build & Price tool, you can easily determine what is possible when you order from us, and our friendly team is available if you’d like to contact us for more information. 

Start with Natural Light

It might be possible to solve your shed lighting needs without actually adding any lights to the shed. Instead, consider adding a window or two to invite natural light into the space during daytime hours. This is by far the simplest solution, and if you only plan on using your shed during the day, it could be all you need. 

If possible, add a window on opposite sides of the shed so the light comes in from opposite directions and illuminates the space nicely. Of course, by shopping with American Steel Carports, Inc., you’ll have the opportunity to add windows where you want, along with any other customizations that you might have in mind. 

Are Battery-Powered Lights Enough?

One of the many great things about LED lighting is the minimal power that these lights require. If you do want to add a light that you can turn on and off in the shed, consider LEDs that are powered by batteries rather than wired electricity. This way, you avoid the cost and complexity of actually wiring up the garage, and yet you also get to benefit from bright lights that will allow you to see everything clearly while in the shed. 

Since LEDs use little power while they are on, you won’t find that you have to replace the batteries that drive them very often. And, the LEDs themselves last for thousands of hours without burning out, so this whole setup could be quite affordable and convenient. 

The Solar Option

Another way to bring light into your shed is by adding a solar panel setup. You could opt for a self-contained system that features a panel outside of the shed and a light inside the building. Of course, the cost here will be significantly higher than with a battery-powered solution, but it will pull natural power from the sun, and you won’t have to replace batteries at any point down the line. Even areas without a ton of sunshine from day to day will often be able to gather up the energy needed to run a light or two inside a shed. 

Turning to Wiring

If you are building a rather large shed, or if you need a significant amount of light inside the building, you might not have any other option than to go with wiring that connects to the main grid. For this, you’ll want to work with a licensed electrician to make sure that the work is done correctly and no one gets hurt. There are plenty of projects around the house and on your property that are great for DIYing, but electrical work doesn’t fit into that category. This is the type of job that is best left to a professional. 

If you are going to wire up the shed, you might as well think about what other features you might want to include in the project. A big shed could be turned into a multipurpose space with plenty of features beyond just some available lighting. Rather than having to come back later and do even more electrical work to get things just how you want them, take some time in advance to consider other possible uses for power and do it all at once. 

Build Your Custom Shed Today

Do any of the lighting options listed above sound like the right choice for your new custom shed? Take some time to consider exactly how you’ll be using the shed and then determine the best course of action for adding lighting that will make the space as useful as possible. To get started on your shed project with the help of American Steel Carports, Inc., turn to our team for help right away!


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