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Metal Building Color Visualizer and Carport Color Selector

Metal Building Color Visualizer and Carport Color Selector

The color of your new metal building might not be your first concern when planning the structure. At some point, however, you’ll start to think about what color would look best on your property, and how the color will coordinate with other buildings that are already in place.

At American Steel Carports, Inc., we make it easy to pick the perfect color scheme for your new building. Within our Build & Price tool, you’ll find a section that is dedicated to picking colors. Not only can you pick from many great colors, but you can also see how those colors will look on the design that you have created. If you need any help in the process of developing this structure, just contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

A Few Different Approaches

Before you start picking colors, you need to think about the bigger picture of how you will approach this project. There are a variety of ways to utilize color on this new structure, and the right one for you will depend both on your circumstances and your preferences. Here are some options to consider:

Match Existing Structures

For the first option, you may wish to simply match the color of another existing building on your property, such as your house. So, if you have a blue house, you may pick a blue color for your metal building to go along with it. This can provide a nice consistency to the property, but it might be troublesome to find a shade that matches perfectly with what you already have in place.

Go with a Contrasting Shade

The second approach is the opposite. Instead of trying to match what’s in place, you could select a shade that is a nice compliment for your current building. What colors you think look good together may differ from someone else’s opinion, so go with your gut feeling and create something that you love.

Blend in with the Surroundings

For yet another possibility, you could go with a color that is going to cause the new structure to blend in as much as possible with its surroundings. If your property features fields or forests, you may choose a deep shade of green. This is an appealing approach when you want the function of a new metal building without doing much to change the way your property looks as a whole.

Multiple Shades or Keep It Simple?

As you work on designing your new building, you’ll have the option to add more than one color to the project, depending on the type of building you are ordering. For a basic carport, you can pick your roof color and a trim color. When you build something like a metal garage, you can also pick other colors for the sidewalls and gable ends.

There are many ways to play with color to get a finished product that suits your tastes. By working with American Steel Carport, Inc., you’ll get to pick from 15 great colors, so it won’t be hard to find something you love. Looking for dark shades or something lighter? Want an understated tone or a color that will make a statement? Whatever your preference, we can deliver.

It’s Going to Look Great

By picking the right colors and ordering from a quality supplier like American Steel Carports, Inc., you can be sure your new building will look great for many years to come. And, in addition to the sharp look of your metal building, it will also function as you expect, thanks to the durable materials that go into each of our structures. Thank you for stopping by American Steel Carports, Inc. and we are excited to serve you!


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