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Metal Building vs. Pole Barn: Which Structure is Right for You?

Metal Building vs. Pole Barn: Which Structure is Right for You?

When building a large building on your agricultural property, you have a lot of factors to consider. You want the new construction to be durable, of course, and you want it to be large and open enough to suit your needs. But, at the same time, you surely have a budget for this project and won’t be able to proceed if the price tag is too high.

With that background in place, let’s use the article below to discuss the differences between metal buildings and traditional pole barns. Each option can work as a home for animals, equipment, and supplies, but they have different advantages. Understanding this debate better will help you settle on the right pick.

And remember, if you decide that a metal building is the best option, American Steel Carports, Inc. is the right place to shop. Our Build & Price tool makes creating your order easy, and you’ll be able to fully customize the structure so you can guarantee that it will fit perfectly on your property.

Pole Barns are the Traditional Pick

Let’s make no mistake about the fact that a wooden pole barn would be the traditional option for a large agricultural building. These structures have been loved for generations for their affordable nature, flexible uses, and relative durability. A wooden pole barn can still work today, just as it has worked for many past property owners, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best pick.

It should be noted that despite their long history in the market, pole barns do come with some severe drawbacks. For one thing, quite a bit of labor is required during the construction process, so costs can rise even if the material expenses are controlled. Also, there are limitations on the slope of the ground under a pole barn, so you might have to do a lot of site prep work to make a pole barn possible. Of course, site prep is not free, so this is another element that will add to the cost of the job.

Also, there is the ongoing risk of fire that should be considered when using wood for construction. That’s particularly problematic in an application like an agricultural building where flammable materials and equipment that runs on gasoline may be stored. So while you can undoubtedly put precautions in place to limit the chances of a fire, it can never be entirely ruled out when lumber is involved.

The Move Toward Metal

Metal buildings on the market these days come out ahead of wood pole barns in every appropriate comparison category. For example, when you look at the things that aren’t so attractive about wood pole barns, you see that metal buildings address all those issues nicely.

Fire risk

First, we can start with the fire risk. Metal doesn’t burn, so you won’t have to deal with the potential of a fire destroying your building and everything inside – and putting people in danger in the process. Of course, it’s still wise to avoid fire danger in the building, but you don’t have to worry about the building being burned to the ground.


The materials and labor needed to create a new metal building are going to be more affordable, as well. In addition, constructing a metal building takes just a fraction of the time required for a standard pole barn, so the final investment will be far less when all is said and done.


Plus, there is little maintenance needed on metal buildings, and critters won’t be able to come in and much on the wooden components. Not only does future maintenance require time, but it also comes with a financial cost – so avoiding the need to care for your building is yet another way that metal structures prove to be more affordable.

American Steel Has You Covered

We hope you enjoyed this blog on metal builds vs. pole barns! As you can see, there is too much to like about a metal building to consider going any other way with this project. So why “woodn’t” you go with metal?

With so many benefits and no notable drawbacks, it’s easy to see why metal buildings have become a popular pick on farms and many other types of properties. So, when you are ready to start your metal building project, contact American Steel Carports, Inc. to put the wheels in motion! And remember to explore our Build & Price tool to receive a free estimate. Again, thanks for visiting our blog; we hope to help you soon!


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