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Metal Carport Cost – What Factors Influence Price?

Metal Carport Cost – What Factors Influence Price?

When you decide that adding a metal carport to your property is the right way to go, you’ll likely want to determine how much it will cost. At American Steel Carports, we understand that all of our customers have a budget for their building, so we work hard to keep costs fair and reasonable. At the same time, we don’t sacrifice on the quality of the structure, as we want this carport to stand the test of time.

We make it really easy on our site to determine your metal carport cost. Simply use our online Build & Price Tool to select your preferences, view a 3-D rendering, and receive an instant quote!

Read on for more on the factors that influence the final price of your carport. With a better understanding of how prices are established, you should be able to pick out a model that both fits your needs and stays within your budget.

It Starts With Sizing

This first point probably goes without saying, but it is the only place we can start this discussion. The size of the carport that you select is going to be the biggest determining factor in the final cost of the structure. Quite obviously, the bigger the carport, the larger the price tag. A bigger structure requires a greater amount of materials to produce, and the cost will be higher as a result.

When trying to balance meeting your needs with staying under your budget, it’s important to think about exactly what purpose your carport is going to serve. Why are you buying this structure in the first place? The intended uses for the carport should tell you everything you need to know about what size structure you’ll want to order. While you don’t want to end up with something that is too small for your needs, you also don’t want to overbuy and pay for more carport than is necessary. A little bit of upfront planning can help you land on the perfect size structure for your needs and budget.

A Wide Range

Something you will notice when you start to look at metal carport pricing is that the final cost can vary wildly based not only on size, but also a variety of other factors (which we will discuss below). For a small, basic metal carport, you might be looking at a cost of under $1,000. Considering what adding a carport to your property can do for you, staying under $1,000 is an incredible value.

On the other end of the spectrum, you can easily spend several thousands of dollars—and beyond—on a carport if it has enclosures, lean-tos and other features. Obviously, this carport would be much larger, and it would probably include a long list of features not seen on the smaller, basic version. In the end, getting a range of prices for carports isn’t going to do much good, as they vary wildly based on your needs. Instead, try our Build & Price Tool to get an accurate quote of what the carport you have in mind will cost to build.

Add-On Features & Costs

We’ve established that the size of your carport is going to be the biggest piece of the cost puzzle. But what other factors play a role in the price? Let’s look at some of the add-on items that can influence the final price.

  • Roofing. A vertical roof features metal that runs up and down from top to bottom, as opposed to a horizontal roof which runs from side to side. Vertical roofing on a carport is costlier, as more structure is needed below, but it does offer performance benefits.
  • Doors. Adding doors (and walls) to your carport, such as standard walk-in doors or roll up doors, is a nice feature. Of course, there is an additional cost to including one or more doors in your design.
  • Windows. As with doors, you will pay extra to have a window included in your structure. If you plan to spend a significant amount of time in the carport, a window or two would likely be appreciated.
  • Gables. Adding a gable at one end of your carport, or both ends, is an add-on feature that you may like if you want to improve the ability of your structure to keep rain and snow from making its way inside. Gables can also improve the finished look of the carport.
  • Additional trusses. If you wish to add extra trusses to your structure for strength and stability, an added charge will be applied.

Build Your Custom Carport Today!

Thank you for taking the time to consider American Steel Carports. We take pride in the great value that we offer our customers, and we also work hard to make sure our buildings are highly customizable. In the end, we think you’ll be able to find something that you love for a price that makes you smile.

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