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3 Metal Garage Designs to Make the Most of Storage Space

3 Metal Garage Designs to Make the Most of Storage Space

It seems that everyone needs more storage. If you feel like you have more stuff that you want to keep than space to keep it, adding a new metal garage to your property is a wise move. Metal garages are affordable, durable, and easy to customize – especially when you work with American Steel Carports, Inc. on the project.

Speaking of customization, it’s important to make smart design decisions to end up with a structure that will offer as much storage as possible for your needs. In this article, we’ll talk about some design ideas that could help you finally get your storage mess under control once and for all.

As you get started on this project, be sure to head to the Build & Price tool that we offer here on our site. With that tool, you can experiment with our customization options and create a perfect metal garage for your property. Need help? Just contact us, and our team will jump into action. We can’t wait to get started!

#1 – Taller Roof

One of the best ways to maximize the amount of storage space you have available in your new metal garage is to design it with a taller-than-normal roof. This is a great choice because it doesn’t require you to take up a larger footprint on your property in order to expand how much space you have to store things. Gaining even just a couple of vertical feet inside the garage will go a long way toward helping you find a home for everything you need to store.

If you decide to go with a taller roof, you can use tall storage units inside to organize everything neatly. Then, as long as you keep a ladder on hand, you can simply climb up and retrieve whatever you need when you need it. It’s possible to build a beautifully organized storage system this way, and you’ll be able to keep far more things than if you had built a shorter structure.

One important point to keep in mind with this idea is that there might be restrictions in place on how tall your new building can be. Confirm that your plans are within the limits of local codes and ordinances before you move forward with the project.

#2 – Add an Extra Door

Sometimes, making the most of storage space comes down to how that space is accessed. If you only have a single door – like a roll-up door at the front of the garage, it can limit how you use the space inside. By adding an additional walk-through door on one side or the other, you’ll have more options, and you can more easily optimize the design.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to include as many different door options as possible in the design of a garage. After all, when a door is closed, it functions as a wall, so there is nothing really lost by having “too many” doors. And, as your storage needs change over time, the availability of additional doorways to alter how you use the inside space could make all the difference. By ordering from American Steel Carports, Inc., you’ll have plenty of options for where you place the doors and what role they play in your finished design.

#3 – Long and Narrow

When you picture a metal garage, you might first think about a building that is close to square in shape. Those types of garages are common, but you might wind up getting more use out of a long and narrow building – a rectangle that has very short sides on either end, in other words.

This design has a couple of notable advantages. First, it can easily fit along the end of a property and won’t extend too far out into the middle of your land. At the same time, it creates a lot of storage space that is easy to access quickly, especially if you have a row of roll-up doors along the front. Such a design means everything within the garage is always close at hand, rather than having to dig through a space piled high with stuff to get to something all the way at the back.

Build Your Metal Garage Today

Taking the time necessary to get the design right from the start will go a long way toward making sure you love the finished product when your new metal garage is completed. We have made that design process easy, so try out the Build & Price tool today and see what you can create. Thank you for considering American Steel Carports, Inc. for this exciting project!


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