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Metal Stables from American Steel Carports

Metal Stables from American Steel Carports

Traditionally, stable buildings have been made with wood. For generations, wood was the only viable option for these types of structures, and it worked nicely. We have more options available today, however, and metal stables offer performance advantages that simply can’t be matched by a wood building.

If you are ready to add a metal stable to your property, shopping with American Steel Carports, Inc. is the right choice. Not only do we offer competitive pricing, but we also have durable, customizable structures that will serve your property well for many years to come. To get started, head over to our Build & Price tool and experiment with the various possibilities. Of course, for direct help, just contact us at your convenience.

Considering Your Intended Uses

As a starting point, you will very likely be using this new structure as a shelter for horses. A stable, also known as a loafing shed, is a great place for horses to seek refuge from rainy conditions, hot sun, and more. There should be plenty of room inside the stable for all your horses to make their way inside when they so choose. If you have a significant number of horses on your property, it might be necessary to construct more than one shed.

In addition to the horses, this new building could be a great place to store equipment. We make it easy to include a tack room as part of your design when ordering a metal loafing shed. With a tack room included, you’ll have an indoor space to store gear out of the elements, yet that gear will always be close at hand when you need it. It’s important to remember that while a tack room does provide an additional function for your stable, it will take away from the amount of space that the horses can use. If you already have another convenient location for equipment storage, you could skip the tack room in favor of more shelter for the horses.

A Couple of Important Features

One of the big benefits of shopping for a metal stable with American Steel Carports, Inc. is that we have some great features available to make your new structure as useful as possible. One such feature is a kick wall. If you opt for kick walls in your loafing shed, there will be a wood barrier between the animals and the metal wall of the structure. This is particularly important for any animals that may kick and do damage to the building if they have direct access to the metal walls. Adding a kick wall is a cost-effective way to create a more durable space for your animals to reside.

Another feature you’ll want to consider adding is a gate. You don’t have to have a gate on a stable, as you could choose to keep it entirely open for the horses to come and go as they please. That won’t work for all situations, however, so the addition of a gate could give you the control you need. You can pick from two different gate sizes when ordering your stable, and the wood portion of the gate is included.

The Many Benefits of Metal

Owning a metal stable is going to provide a far better experience than owning a similar building made of wood. As a starting point, you will almost certainly pay less for the metal building, and everyone can appreciate that. Metal also requires far less maintenance over the years, so the savings will continue.

Beyond the dollars you can keep in your pocket, it’s easier to customize a metal stable than a wooden version. Once you have a vision of what you would like your loafing shed to look like, it will be quick and easy to bring that vision to life as you create your order with us. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice with this project – the result should be precisely what you had in mind.

One other key point to remember: metal doesn’t burn. Wood stables can be a fire hazard in hot and dry summer conditions, and you don’t want any kind of fire to take place around your animals. Going with a metal building will put these kinds of concerns to bed.

Give Your Animals a Great Home

The goal of this project is to provide your animals with a safe and comfortable place to spend time. While that can be accomplished with either a metal stable or a wooden version, we strongly believe in the benefits provided by metal – not to mention the lower price. If you’d like to see what’s possible with a custom design, try out this Build & Price tool at your convenience. We are excited to serve you!


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