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How to Move a Metal Carport

How to Move a Metal Carport

If you already have a metal carport on your property, you know how functional they can be. No matter what you use it for, they are certainly valuable, affordable covered spaces. But what if you’ve placed it in the wrong spot? Is it possible to move a metal carport to a better location on your property–or an entirely different property? It is, in fact, possible, so we’d like to show you exactly how to move a metal carport.

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Start with Timing

Before we get into the details of how to move a metal carport, the first step is to schedule a time to do the job. You don’t want to be fighting the weather in addition to the challenge of this project. Pick a nice time of year when comfortable temperatures and dry weather are likely. While it’s not impossible to complete this kind of project in less-than-ideal conditions, you may wind up with unnecessary headaches along the way.

Two Ways to Move a Carport

Your two basic options when moving a carport are to 1. move it all in one piece or 2. take it apart and reconstruct it in its new home. There are pros and cons to each of these options, so let’s take a closer look:

Moving It In One Piece

The obvious advantage here is that you don’t have to take the entire structure apart only to put it back together again later. That will save you plenty of time and energy, which is a huge plus. However, there are also some serious drawbacks. The primary disadvantage is that you won’t be able to go far with the carport in one piece. This plan only works if you are going a short distance, and even then, it can be challenging. Depending on the size of your carport, it may not be feasible to move it safely as one unit. In addition, even if you can manage to move it with the help of some friends, you will still need to be careful not to damage it along the way.

Taking It Apart

For most situations, this will be the method that is required. Yes, it is going to be more work to disassemble and reassemble, but this approach reduces the risk of damage and allows you to travel further. Of course, you still need to exercise great care when performing this work.

More to Consider

With the timing set and your two options for moving a carport available, there are a few additional items to take note of before you begin:

How Far Are You Going?

The next step is to think about how far you need the carport to travel. As mentioned above, if you’re moving it to an entirely new property, there will be no choice but to take it completely apart and rebuild it at the new site. On the other hand, if you only want to shift it a short distance on the same property–maybe just a matter of feet–it’s possible to do so while keeping it in one piece.

The Issue of Anchors

It’s possible that your current carport is anchored to the ground for stability. That doesn’t mean that you can’t move it, but you will need to take the extra step of removing those anchors. Don’t be surprised by this hurdle on the day that you plan to do the move. Plan ahead and figure out exactly what will be needed to remove the anchors and free the structure.

Check Zoning Restrictions

You also don’t want to make the mistake of assuming that you can put your carport in its new spot without first checking zoning matters. A quick call to the relevant local authority should help you clear this up if you have any doubts. It’s better to check ahead of time than have to move your carport yet again if you find out you’ve placed it in an impermissible location.

A Job for a Pro?

Sometimes, moving your old carport is simply not worth the effort. If you would like to purchase a new metal carport, experiment with our Build & Price Tool at American Steel Carports, Inc. to create the perfect storage space. We are excited to serve you!


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