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Outdoor Storage Buildings: American Steel Carports Inc

Outdoor Storage Buildings: American Steel Carports Inc

Do you have enough room on your property to store all of your belongings? It’s becoming all too common that people have too much stuff and not enough space. Rather than paying a business to store your things month after month, why not take matters into your own hands by adding an outdoor storage building onto your property? With affordable prices and sturdy construction, American Steel Carports, Inc. offers a wide range of outdoor storage solutions to meet your needs.

Use our Build & Price Tool to customize your structure, view a 3-D rendering,and receive an instant quote!

Plenty of Options

Outdoor storage buildings are not a one-size-fits-all situation. Your needs are unique, and you need to pick a structure that is going to serve you well both now and in the future. By shopping with us, you’re able to pick from several different types of buildings. You can also customize these buildings as you see fit with our Build & Price Tool,which will ensure your structure will look right at home on your property.

To help you get started on this project, view some of our top outdoor storage buildings from American Steel Carports, Inc. below.

Traditional Carports

If you don’t need storage that is fully protected from the weather, a standard Steel Carport will be a great fit. Whatever you store under the carport will enjoy some protection from rain and snow, but the sides will be open to provide you with easy access to your items. In addition to offering easy access, standard carports also come with the notable benefit of a modest price tag.

Within this category, you’ll find that we have many different types of carports available. A basic model with a horizontal roof will be the most cost-effective, but it also does not deal with precipitation as well as a vertical roof orientation. For added stability and a refined look, consider an A-Frame roof. Whatever you choose, when you work with American Steel Carports, Inc., you can be confident that your structure is built to a high standard of quality.

Steel RV Carports

RV owners know that storing their rigs out of the weather as much as possible is good for their long-term condition. That’s why we offer affordable Steel RV Carports for those hoping to prevent rain and snow from affecting their motor home throughout the winter.

RV carports are taller than standard carports to accommodate the size of these types of vehicles. In addition to standard open-sided carports in this category, we also have models that have partial sides and even fully enclosed designs that will keep all the weather away.

Steel Barns

Storage needs that are related to agricultural work may require a barn structure. However, traditional wood barns can be costly and may take an extended period of time to construct. If time and money are both a factor, or if you just prefer the performance benefits of steel over wood, select one of our many Steel Barn options. These large buildings can be designed to make space for all of your equipment and supplies, so speak with a member of our team for help settling on the perfect design.

Enclosed Steel Garages

Much of what can be accomplished in a traditional carport can also be achieved with an Enclosed Steel Garage, with the added advantage of sealing out the weather completely. If you have storage items that need to be kept away from the elements, this is perfect structure for the task.

You may have considered adding an enclosed garage in the past only to find that it was going to be too expensive. However, you should revisit the possibility with American Steel Carports, Inc. Our structures are high-quality and affordable, and you’ll have the ability to design it exactly to your liking.

Bring Your Vision to Life

The great thing about working with American Steel Carports, Inc. is that your new building doesn’t have to fit neatly into any of the categories listed above. If you decide to custom design a structure to provide storage on your property, you can make it into nearly anything you can imagine, as long as it is approved by an engineer. That means you might take elements from various categories to produce a building that is perfect for your unique requirements.

Get Started Right Away!

No matter what kind of outdoor storage building will work best for you, our team at American Steel Carports, Inc. is standing by and will be happy to help you get started. With modest prices and quick turnaround times, there’s no reason to put this project off any longer. Start designing your structure with our Build & Price Tool now!


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