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Power Tool Storage Ideas

Power Tool Storage Ideas

Whether you’re working on a project or simply trying to fix something in your home, it’s nice to have your power tools easily accessible. Having a dedicated spot for your tools allows you to find and return them to their place with ease. However, clutter often catches up with us, which makes it difficult to get to—or even remember the location of—the tools you require. If you’re struggling to stay organized, consider these power tool storage ideas.

A custom metal structure from American Steel Carports, Inc. is the perfect way to keep your items organized. Design your structure with our Build & Price tool, view a 3D rendering, and receive an instant quote!

Designating Their Place

The first step in keeping your power tools organized is making sure they have a designated space to live in. This way, you’ll spend no extra time searching for your tools amongst clutter. Plus, having a specified space for your tools also makes them extremely simple to put away. Pick a spot in the garage, shed, or workspace you would like to keep your tools, and then consider incorporating one of the following storage options:

Power Tool Storage Cabinet

Purchasing a power tool storage cabinet is a fantastic solution. These types of cabinets have slots that perfectly fit many common power tools, and some even have charging capabilities. So, not only will your tools be easy to find within your space, but they’ll also be organized within the cabinet and completely charged for use when you need them. Keep in mind, however, this may be one of the pricier storage solutions.

Modular Shelving

A less expensive option to store your tools is to purchase modular shelving. If you go this route, make sure you get plenty of shelves that are large enough for you to place your tools on. To stay even more organized, you can label each shelf to designate where you would like each power tool to be placed.

Cleaning out a Workbench Drawer

If you already have a workbench, consider cleaning out a drawer for your power tools. This is the least expensive option, but it may be more difficult to keep track of each of your tools if you simply throw them all into a drawer.

Keep Clutter to a Minimum

Whether you’re storing your tools in your current garage, a shed, or a workspace, it’s imperative to keep overall clutter to a minimum. Consider doing a complete cleanout of the space, getting rid of any unnecessary objects to make a clear walking path to your tools and other important items. However, if you feel that you’ve simply run out of room for all of your storage needs, it may be time to create an entirely new space for your tools.

Rethink Your Current Garage

It is likely that you are currently storing your power tools—among various other items—within your garage. While a garage is useful for storage up to a certain point, when you can barely squeeze your car inside, are continuously adding more storage items to the pile, and are worried there may not even be space for extra shelving, it’s time to look for alternative solutions.

Consider a Metal Shed

A metal shed from American Steel Carports, Inc. is a simple and affordable solution for all of your storage needs. You can keep items you use more regularly in your garage, but designate this space for items like your power tools, landscaping gear, non-electric tools, and more. Plus, with the above storage ideas such as adding cabinets or shelving, you can start fresh in a space that’s organized from the start. Design your shed to your exact requirements by choosing features like the shape, color, and more with our Build & Price tool.

Upgrade to a Workshop

For those who use their power tools to work on special projects, consider ordering a custom steel workshop from American Steel Carports, Inc. Your tools will be right on hand when you need them when you have an enclosed spaced that’s solely dedicated to your work. You’ll have plenty of room to spread out, and with your workshop set away from your home, the noise from your power tools won’t bother those who are in the house. For the ultimate power tool storage solution, purchase a workshop and deck it out with electrical capabilities, plenty of shelving, and anything else you require to complete your projects!

Work with American Steel Carports, Inc.

We hope these power tool storage ideas assist you! If you’d like to create an entirely new space for all of your storage needs, work with American Steel Carports, Inc. Our custom steel structures are made from high-quality materials, are completely customizable, and built to last. Start designing your new shed or workshop with our Build & Price tool today!


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