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Protecting Your Property From Inclement Weather

Protecting Your Property From Inclement Weather

In the last week, we’ve seen the devastation that a hurricane can cause to entire communities. Homes are flooded, some aren’t even there anymore, cars have floated away, and even sheds that housed people’s storage and lawn equipment are completely destroyed. Not to mention the unfortunate loss of life many places are beginning to uncover. Hurricane Matthew left destruction and chaos in every town it touched. It begs the question, how do you keep your possessions safe? At American Steel, we have the solution. Our steel sheds are built to last. Here are four reasons why a steel shed or structure is a great investment for your property.


Withstand High Winds


Metal Garage Warranties


Bad weather terrifies people and the insurance companies alike. Millions of dollars in damage was done as a result of Hurricane Matthew. How does anyone even begin to replace all of the things they lost? While we can’t help with replacing lost and damaged items, we can help you prevent losing those things in the first place. American Steel sheds can withstand high winds up to 90mph. Additionally, our structures are built with roof bracing in every corner to prevent the roof from collapsing in the event of bad weather.


Protect Property from Debris


A steel garage is a great way to protect your car or tractor from debris. Water causes a lot of damage but flying debris can cause even more damage. Not only is it incredibly dangerous, it can also break the bank. A steel garage can protect your vehicle from being hit by a tree branch, rocks, or anything else that the wind picks up. Plus, keeping your car in a garage often lowers your car insurance rate because it’s protected from the elements.


Protect Animals and Farm Equipment from the Elements


If you have farm animals, a steel barn is a great way to protect them. Steel barns are easier to maintain than traditional wooden barns and they offer more insulation from the cold. Similar to garages, they’ll protect your animals from being hit and even killed by flying debris. Our structures are built strong because we know your investments are an important part of your business. Losing an animal or even a piece of farm equipment to hurricane winds is something our steel barns can prevent.


American Steel Can Help Prevent Expensive Hurricane Damage


Our thoughts go out to those affected by Hurricane Matthew. Nothing is scarier than losing everything you have to something completely out of your control. If you’re worried about bad weather damaging or destroying your property, give us a call and let us put your mind at ease. Our steel structures are built to last. No matter what your storage needs are, we can help. Don’t wait until a disaster strikes, get in touch with us today.


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