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Rent Storage Unit vs Build a Shed

Rent Storage Unit vs Build a Shed

When you need to store items that don’t have a spot in your home, there are two basic options available: build your own structure, like a shed, or rent a storage unit. While both of these approaches can work nicely, they each come with some pros and cons to keep in mind. We are going to look at the differences between these two storage solutions to see how they stack up.

It All Starts With Cost

There are other factors to think about when starting a project, but the biggest factor is cost. You want to know which option will be more expensive, and by how much, before you make your final decision. There are short-term savings and long-term savings and you’ll have to decide which one you want to prioritize.

In the short term, renting a storage unit may be cheaper. Depending on where you live and how much storage space you need, you could find a good deal on a small storage unit, and you might even get a month or two free if you are a new customer. If you only need temporary storage, a storage unit can be a better deal than building a shed. However, the savings you enjoyed in the short-term are going to be eaten up by the monthly cost of the storage unit.

On the other hand, the shed you built will have no ongoing monthly cost, and likely very little required maintenance. So, in the matter of just a year or maybe two, you’ll wind up saving by going with a shed rather than renting a storage unit.

The Convenience Factor

If you have the space available on your property, it can be extremely convenient to build a shed near your home or workshop. You belongings and tools will be nearby and you can get to it whenever you need it. In this case of a storage unit, you’ll need to drive to the facility, use a key or code to get in, unlock your unit, and find what you want. These hurdles make it less likely that you will access your things as frequently as you would if they lived on your property. Given the long-term cost savings we mentioned above, and the added convenience of storing your own items, it’s starting to become clear that building a shed is by far the preferred option.

Ability to Customize Your Shed

There is one more advantage to building your own shed that should be highlighted: the ability to customize the space to suit your needs. While rental storage units do come in a variety of sizes, you might struggle to find one that fits your specific requirements. For example, you might need a taller space for some large items that you own, or you might need space with doors on both sides for easier loading and unloading. Whatever the case, when you build your own shed you can customize the design and dimensions to make sure the finished product is just what you had in mind.

Add a Quality Shed to Your Property

While there are certain circumstances where it might make more sense to simply rent a storage unit, building a shed on your own property can be cost effective and convenient. To get started creating a new shed or any other kind of metal building, reach out to American Steel Carports, Inc. today. With our Build & Price tool, you can customize the design of your new shed right here on our site. And, if you need help with the process or have any other questions, feel free to contact us at your convenience. Thank you for visiting!


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