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Scheduling & Delivery Process of Carports & Metal Buildings

Scheduling & Delivery Process of Carports & Metal Buildings

Due to some confusion with customers, American Steel Carports would like to share some information on how we go about delivering buildings to our customers. We hope that this will help improve our level of transparency and help you understand how we are able to provide high quality products with free installation for the low prices that you love. Below we have broken down the whole scheduling and delivery process.




The first step in getting our orders together is grouping orders by location. Locations are no more than about 60-80 miles and are grouped together to what we call a “run.” American Steel Carport’s schedulers encounter vast challenges in organizing and arranging a run. Oldest orders are prioritized with other considerations such as order size, route, weather, and other factors. Our highly trained installers require at least a total of $10,000 worth of buildings to be on a run in order for them to accept it. The run will typically be scheduled for two days either Mondays/Tuesdays or Thursdays/Fridays. Your scheduler will give every customer a day and a time window in which the installer should arrive. We give general time frames to allow for unexpected delays in the arrival of the installers (i.e. Flat tires, Traffic, Bad weather, etc.).  Unfortunately, these are events that we cannot prevent.




As mentioned earlier, unknown factors can come up during the delivery process. These factors can include the following:


  • –  Customer delays
  • –  Installation Issues
  • –  Equipment Issues
  • –  Weather
  • –  Health of Crew


Due to the above factors, American Steel Carports recommends our customers to set aside 24 hours of their time to allow for any unexpected issues. In case of a delay in the run, your scheduler will contact you with a new time-frame. If original time-frame was late afternoon, the delay can possibly be until next morning depending on the degree of the delay.


As you can see the process is very dynamic. The good news is that the average of the runs that encounter a delay are about 2-3% of total runs in a week. Unfortunately, that 2-3% percent is what causes the majority of poor reviews and complaints. Everyone values their time and delays are an inconvenience to all. For that reason, we hope our series of blogs will help provide invaluable information to our customers so they are knowledgeable and understand our product and processes but most importantly, be satisfied!


Versatile. Strong. Built to Last.


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