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Should You Build or Buy a Carport?

Should You Build or Buy a Carport?

It’s hard to argue with the value of adding a carport to your property. Whether it’s to add some covered parking, a shaded spot to relax, or flexible storage space, carports have a lot to offer. But is it better to build your own structure or buy one from a company like American Steel Carports, Inc.? Let’s take a closer look at the build vs. buy debate in this article.

Why Would You Build a Carport?

There are several reasons you might consider building a carport rather than buying one. These include:

  • Saving money. This is the big one. Most people who decide to build their own carport will do it, at least in part, to save money. The thinking goes that by taking on the labor part of the job, you’ll only pay for the cost of the materials, and the overall project will be less expensive.
  • Getting exactly what you want. You may feel like you’ll be restricted in terms of features and design when you buy a carport. Building your own could be appealing simply because of the freedom it will provide.
  • Enjoying the process. Some people simply like taking on large DIY projects, and they enjoy the feeling that comes with working through the challenges to come away with something that will serve them well for many years to come.

Is Building a Carport the Right Call?

The potential to save money and create the exact structure you want is tempting, but let’s take a closer look at how these reasons hold up against purchasing a quality carport from American Steel Carports, Inc.

Does Building a Carport Save Your Money?

Unfortunately, the idea of saving money by building your own carport tends to be more of a nice idea than a concept that will come to life. Yes, you can do the labor on your own, but that isn’t going to represent significant savings in most cases, as a quality steel carport like those we sell can be constructed quite quickly. Also, when buying materials on your own, you won’t have access to the same rates that are available to businesses who buy in bulk, meaning you’ll pay more for the same materials. You should also consider the cost of tools, as well as the time you’ll have to commit to this project. In the end, you may find that you spend more to build it yourself than to purchase a carport from a proven leader in the industry.

Customizing a New Carport

It’s true that some businesses that sell carports don’t offer much – or any – customization on their structures. However, rather than deciding to build your own, you should turn to a better carport dealer. At American Steel Carports, Inc., we offer full customization and a long list of features that you can add or subtract as you see fit. Our Build and Price tool makes it easy to visualize your carport and customize it to fit your needs, whether that means adding windows, a garage door, or changing the colors of the trim.

In other words, when you order with us, no compromises will be necessary. You can get exactly what you want and you can get help from our experienced team at any point along the way.

Personal Satisfaction

The choice to take on large DIY projects depends solely on the individual. Something that is done for personal satisfaction can’t be measured in dollars and cents. If you’re thinking of building your own carport, make sure to plan a timeline for when you want the project finished, how long each step will take you, and if you’re up to the challenge.  There are many factors to consider in constructing a carport, from leveling the ground and laying foundation to tightening the last bolt.

What we can say is this – building your own carport may be a larger undertaking than you expect. This can be a big job to handle alone, and it might take up much more of your time than you planned initially.

Trust the Professionals

While it might be possible for a skilled DIYer to construct a carport that would serve its intended purpose, the cost and timeline would almost certainly extend what would be needed to order one from American Steel Carports, Inc. Buying a carport from a trusted supplier is the best way to go. This ensures you get a quality product that will serve you for years to come. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can serve you.


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